Things You Must Do to Maintain Your Laptop

It becomes a personal matter when it comes to how to maintain your laptop. And we all know that laptop and PC are the two most important things in the world for millennial or at least many people in the world. This is why taking care of your laptop is a must and not something you can bargain. Of course, a good laptop could serve as powerful as it should be but it can be the opposite if you do not take good care of this thing.

We would not lie if the laptop is pretty expensive to replace and you need to find the best way to take care of it. On the other hand, a laptop is an investment as well. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the things you should do to take care of your laptop in spite of how heavy-duty you use it.

Maintain the storage system

The most common activity you need to do to take care of your laptop is maintaining the storage system. Instead of taking your laptop to a laptop repair center, it is better if you take care of it on your own. Basically, Windows will automatically handle the chore of storage maintenance. It might include the tune-up and defragmentation of your disk. As long as you purchase the original Windows version and turn on enable the automatic maintenance then you do not need to worry about those things.

But you should remember that you need to back-up your disk every time, considering it is not an automatic feature. Other than that, you do not need to take your laptop for a regular checkup in the repair or dealer places. Besides, do not easily fall for something called “a maintenance contract” because your laptop does not need that kind of thing at all.

Keep the clean

The laptop is basically the place where dust and dirt get on it. It can even be the basecamp of any dirty thin if you do not run regular maintenance. You may use a clean soft cloth to clean up your laptop and if you want to use a cleaner then make sure if it does not contain any abrasive substance. Spray the cleaner to the cloth and you can wide it down to your laptop but not the screen. You can also use a damp sponge as long as you do it gently.

Make sure you always clean your hands every time you will use your laptop. When you will clean your laptop, make sure you have turned it off. Cotton swabs will help you to get rid of the gunk inside the cracks. Openings are not supposed to be cleaned or sprayed as well. If your laptop has such a specific cleaning instruction from the manufacturer, you might use it as the basic to take good care of laptop.

Groom the keyboard

On the other hand, grooming the keyboard is very important, considering you cannot poke and spray the openings of your laptops. Thankfully, there is a vacuum for laptop and it is a portable one. Basically, you can use the regular vacuum but you can also purchase the tiny one which its size is as big as a toothbrush. This thing might be very effective to suck up all the dirt trapped inside the keyboard. Also, it is enjoyable to watch.

Some people prefer to use compressed air in a can and it is basically not effective yet not recommended at all. When the air blows the dirt inside your keyboard, it will blow the crud farther inside your laptop unit. This is why you better use a vacuum cleaner for any reason. This why it is important to keep the lid closed.

Cleanse the screen

The secret of cleansing the laptop screen is using a microfiber cloth. You can wipe the screen gently from sneeze globs and dust. If you need more powerful thing then you can use liquid specifically designed for screens especially for those with a touchscreen. The wrong solution could damage your screen. But make sure that the monitor is completely dried before you close the lid.

In many cases, the keyboard makes a shadow stain on the laptop screen. Since it could be pretty hard to clean off, you better try to prevent it by putting a soft cloth on your keyboard when you close the lid. LCD cleaners are great for cleaning the screen and other parts of your laptop. Just make sure you do not use alcohol or ammonia to cleanse your laptop. Even cheap laptops need gentle care.

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