The Top 5 Antivirus Software in 2016 with the Price under £20

In the first term of 2016 the world of computer still has many threats lurking around. Do not depend only to Microsoft Security Essential because someday virus computers or malware would come around with new generations and Microsoft’s protection is poor enough to catch the development of threat. To keep the threats out of your PC you need another layer of protection like antivirus software. There are many options of antivirus software from free to paid packages. It is up to you which one you want to choose. Here is the list of 5 antivirus softwares that are the best among the others in 2016 and its price less than £20, listed on price ranges and alphabetical orders.

1. Avira Free Antivirus. This antivirus software is popular among the students since it is free but still powerful to detect the threat. Avira was proved that it can be compared to the other paid antivirus software based on the testing result by AV Comparatives, AV-Test and Virus Bulletin -these are the big labs which always test the capability of antivirus software. Avira Free Antivirus can rid the threat on its own and it will block any autorun from USB stick. This action can reduce the risk of malware from infected USB. For complete protection and other bonus protection’s features Avira Antivirus launch the Ultimate Edition Suite 2015 for three computers for the price £39.90.

2. Fortinet FortiClient 5.2. This software is free and FortiClient is supposed to be integrated with Fortinet’s FortiGate security. While FortiClient will protect the malware threats, FortiGate will protect the network security. However FortiClient can run independently without its brother, FortiGate. AV Comparatives and Virus Bulletin have rated FortiClient with excellent rates. The upsides of FortiClient are it will block the malicious sites and it has parental control to check and limit any malicious web activities.

3. Panda Free Antivirus. AV Comparatives and AV-Test have rated Panda Antivirus very highly with only occasional false positive. However if you are not pay attention when you are installing it, this software will change the default of your browser. Any malicious websites will be blocked by Panda Antivirus. If you want complete package of protection, Panda Antivirus has Global Edition (2016 edition) that can be used for five computers with the price £22.99.

4. eScan Anti-Virus. This software put the price £17 for only 1 PC and for 1 year protection. With the low price you can get bonus of firewall, parental control, anti-phising filter into the package. However eScan Anti-Virus has downside with its interface when it is install for the first time, with too many buttons to be clicked and many texts prompt. The result testing from three big labs are variety. AV Comparatives gives highly rates, AV-test gives average rates and Virus Bulletin gives rates a little bit higher than AV-Test.

5. F-Secure Anti-Virus. The price of F-Secure Anti-Virus is £19.95 for 1 PC and 1-year protection. This software is lightweight for your PC and it has minimal effects to the system that you could almost forget that F-Secure Anti-Virus is worked on the background. AV-Test gives maximum rates for this software and AV Comparatives gives highly rates too. With the price £29.95, F-Secure Anti-Virus could add two more computers to its protection.

6. Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security 2015. The price is £19.95 for 1 computer and for 1 year. When you are installing Trend Micro you will be pushed to remove “incompatible software” and if you use Firefox as your browser, Trend Micro will restart the browser three times before all new extensions completely are installed. Trend Micro has capabilities to block any malicious websites and filter the spam on your mail.

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