Analyzing The Top Business Add-Ons For Business Owners

Starting a business can be difficult. Trying to build a website for that business can be even tougher. Nevertheless, it is pertinent to have a website in order to be a success in this day and age. Consumers are constantly looking for businesses online. If you do not have a fully functional website, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to attract new customers. When attempting to build a website, it is often wise to start with a reliable content management system. WordPress will prove to be a good option. Within this guide, you will discover breakdowns for some of the best WordPress add-ons for business owners.

Content Aware Sidebars

The Contact Aware Sidebar can be enormously beneficial for business owners. This specific add-on will give you additional control over your site’s sidebars. It’ll allow you to create as many sidebars as you want, while also allowing you to assign these sidebars to any page or pages. This can be very important for business owners, since they’ll definitely want to display unique information on each of their pages sidebars. When starting an online business, this is certainly one of the first WordPress plug-ins you should install.


Losing your website’s content can be devastating. If your website crashes, you’re going to have a lot of trouble on your hands. You’ll need to work diligently to try and recover the information as quickly as possible. Of course, this can be avoided by backing up your website as frequently as possible. BackupBuddy might be a little costly, but it is still an excellent add-on for business owners. The software will make it easy to back up your website on a regular basis. Backups can then be stored on various platforms, including your local hosting, FTP, Dropbox, and even Amazon.

Protect your website with BackupBuddy well in advance. This is pertinent and will help you avoid a future calamity.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

As you likely already know, you’ll need to depend heavily on search engine optimization to succeed. SEO will give you the ability to attract customers without spending anything whatsoever. Nevertheless, you’ll need to make your website friendly for the search engines. This is where WordPress SEO by Yoast will enter the picture. With this software, you’ll be able to configure a wide assortment of settings. For instance, you can make links nofollow and even keep your site unindexed for as long as possible.

The plugin will also help you make each and every one of your posts as SEO friendly as possible.


At some point, you’re going to want to interact with your site’s users. You may want to allow them to leave comments on your site or you may wish them to send you emails. Using Akismet is vital, since you’ll encounter a substantial amount of spam. The good news is that most fresh WordPress installs will come with this software. Even better is the fact that the software is completely free. It is truly in your best interest to download and install Akismet, before you even launch your website to the public. A site overflowing with spam will look bad in the eyes of your potential clients.

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