7 Golden Rules of Gun Safety

If you want to learn some golden rules that will keep your gun safe and help you prevent any unintentional damage then you have come to the right place. 

We have put together the seven golden rules of gun safety for you so, you can have an eye on what you should not do while having a gun on your side and what will make it safe from harming other people.

As you know if you want to have a gun, you should be an adult or you should have an id to get the license. This means that you should get a license before you buy a gun to make it a legal use but that does not mean that you can roam around in public while you are holding the gun in your hand. 

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So without further ado let’s jump on our main course which is the 7 golden rules of gun safety so, you can have a piece of information on what you should do after buying a firearm.

Rule 1: Treat Every Firearm as Loaded 

As you know if you are holding a new firearm and you do not know a thing about it if it is loaded or not, then you should think that it is loaded and do not do any stupid thing like pointing at someone or pulling the trigger without even looking at the magazine.

Rule 2: Always Point Firearms in a Safe Direction

If you are thinking about what will be the safe direction then it depends on where you are standing because bullets can get through the ceiling and the walls as well. You should be careful to point a firearm on someone’s face as it can be a dangerous thing to do.

Rule 3: Load a Firearm When You are Ready to Fire

Be careful of loading a firearm and only load when you are using it and make sure to unload it after using it. You should take care of this because loading a firearm in a place where many people are around might start people to panic or another dangerous thing can happen as well.

Rule 4: Identify Your Target Beyond all Grounds

You should identify your target first before shooting, you should see who is the shooter and then start shooting at him or you should see who is an unauthorized gun holder before start shooting. You must be very calm and identify the target, you can do that by identifying their movements and other stuff like if its an animal or a person.

Rule 5: Check your Firing Zone

Be aware of the area, see what are you shooting at and think if I miss the target where this bullet will go. Identify all the aspects before shooting, see what’s beyond your target adn how you can pull the trigger that it only hits the target that you want to hit.

Rule 6: Store Firearms and Ammunition Safely

You should safe keep all your firearms and ammunition as it is an order by law as well.

Rule 7: Avoid Alcohol and Drugs When Handling Firearms

You should be in your full consciousness when you are holding a firearm as it can become dangerous if you are drunk.

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