Shared hosting vs Dedicated server hosting: How do you choose?

Businesses tend to get confused when they are asked to make a choice between dedicated hosting and a shared hosting plan. Things can get a lot confusing if you are unaware of what you have to consider while making a choice. There is a number of hosting providers that give you a choice to have the Amsterdam dedicated server but before you make the selection, make sure that you know comprehensively about shared and dedicated hosts. In this article, we are going to give you a comparison between the shared hosting and dedicated hosting concerning different features.

Bandwidth and disk space
Let’s start off with the bandwidth and disk space.

The web hosting companies tend to brand their plans by stating that you get the unlimited bandwidth and disk space. However, considering shared hosting, you do not have anything such as unlimited. There will always be a limit as many sites are operating parallel to one another. What you actually get is the unspecified amount of disk space and bandwidth. It will be added as you go on and on. But the amount you are going to use will be under the command of the web host.

On the other side, if you have a website that receives a lot of traffic each day, then the dedicated hosting will be your pick. It is because when you consider the dedicated server, some hosting providers actually let you have unlimited bandwidth and disk space. You can use it as much as you like without any worry.

Now, we will consider the site performance on both shared and dedicated hosting.

When you have shared hosting plan, you will have access to the limited resource. When there is a limit, you cannot be sure about how good your site performance will be. Consider it in a contrast that your website is receiving an average amount of traffic per day and you think that shared hosting is enough for you. Another website, on the same server, runs an SEO campaign and gets a great increase in traffic. What will be the result? Well, more traffic will be on the server and ultimately, thus your site’s loading time will increase. Therefore, it may cause annoyance for the people that visit your site. And if it is you that runs SEO campaign and receive a boost in traffic, certain hosting providers may charge you for consuming more than specified bandwidth.

If you consider the use of dedicated hosting plan, you must not worry about the traffic. It is because you will have a dedicated server and the resources are entirely devoted to your website. There will be no worries about the downtime and your visitors will have a great experience.

Security is important for any website. It is critical and no one wishes his site to go through any security problems.

The shared hosting is a bit less secure than the dedicated plan. It is because there are different sites that are depending on a single server. A single website with an error in its scripting will down all the other websites. Moreover, if there is any adult site or malicious site, it will down the ranking of all the other sites on the server and may affect them.

On the other site, the dedicated hosting provides you a bit more security and a bit more integrity. There, you can run the scripts as per your requirements and you and work on the software that you wish to work on. Your site will run smoothly and until it does not have any malware or error in it, it will always be safe and secure.


The shared hosting does not allow web owners to control the things. Therefore, you cannot manage and control things. It is unwanted for a number of users. There are a great limitation and you are restricted to using things.

On the other site, in dedicated hosting, you get a chance to customize and ask the hosting provider to give you whatever you need. The hosting provider is bound to provide you everything that you wish including bandwidth, disk space, RAM, CPU, and software that you want to use.


In short, if you use the Amsterdam dedicated server, you get superior control and better security. There will be an increase in its performance. However, the shared hosting is less costly and can be a good choice for the people that are in initial phase and are just starting to work online.

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