Seeking More Expression on Twitter Makes People Expressionless?

The debate of development of emoji on Twitter has been going around in the mid of 2015. It has been documented that one Twitter user disagreed on the emoji Twitter develops, followed by other users. For example, the “likes” button used to be symbolized with stars, it has been changed in to “love”, and no longer stars. Some people argue that this is not as simple as it looks; it is way more complicated because people tend to show their expression in raw motion. How could it be?

Reflecting on the Use of Emoji in Social Media Platform

Before digging more to the part where some Twitter user accused this platform to change into a worse one, let’s make things clear by seeing and reflecting to other social media platforms. These days, the platforms that are allowing the user to allow such emoji are Instagram, per say. There is nothing wrong with them or emoji on Twitter; it just makes people more excited because they can automatically express their feeling or add more ornaments on their words. That does not harmful.

What’s So Bad Then about Expressions or Emoji on Twitter?

Twitter has been widely known as a social media platform that is user friendly, less commercial or ads, and simple, yet modest. By this, Twitter lets their user to use 160 character to express their mind. When it is changed by emoji, the words become less creative; people just need to click on the expression and let it appear on the screen. In the first appearance of Twitter, this platform was even trusted as the one that can spread news from all over the world through World Wide Trending Topic. But there is another argument about emoji on Twitter.

Says Twitter Management about Their New Development

One of trusted website has asked about this via email to Twitter management about their intention of emoji on Twitter. They deny that the purpose is to make people expressionless; the opposite, they want all beloved Twitter user to feel the ambience and create their own nuance in expressing their feelings and gesture. Going online, Twitter makes a statement that their way to get the user more excited is to add more emoji. Then, the emoji offered is not only limited to facial expressions, but also related to some number or directions.

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