How to Recover Photos Deleted from USB Flash Drive with Disk Drill

Losing precious photos that you carefully save on your flash drive definitely will make you devastated. Photos can contain so many memories and experience that you want to cherish forever. Even if you can always make a new memory, still, it feels like a part of you is missing along with those deleted photos. Things can get even more complicated if you are a professional, like a photographer for example. Losing those photos means losing thousands of dollars and hours of hard work.

You don’t have to cry over the spilled milk, though. If you know how to recover deleted photos from USB drive, you actually can get back your treasured photos with just a simple click. To do this, you need to prepare Disk Drill that you can find in It is a remarkable photo recovery software that can recover your lost photos in just a matter of minutes. This tool is very easy to use and it is even capable to retrieve files that have been deleted a long time ago.

The Key Features

· Recover All File Types

One of the best thing about this tool is it can be used to recover various photo formats from the basic to the professional. So, whether your photos are in the usual JPG and PNG format or even RAW or DNG, Disk Drill will be able to recover them.

· Recover Files from Different Storages and File Systems

This software is very versatile. Not only it can recover variety of file types, it also can scan them from various different storages and file systems. This is what makes Disk Drill better than its competitors. Some other file recovery software cannot even be used to scan USB flash drive.

As a result, no matter what you want to do, whether you want to recover photos from flash drive, laptop, hard drive or memory card, FAT, NTFS or HFS+, this tool can find and recover the photos for you.

· Quick Scan and Deep Scan

Every recovery tool in the market is able to do Quick Scan. This type of scanning process is intended to retrieve files that are just recently deleted. It is a quick and easy process because recently deleted files still have intact signature that makes them very easy to be found and restored.

The special power of Disk Drill is its ability to recover photos that have been deleted for a long time. The tool will dig deeper to the system, not only to find the lost files but also to reconstruct them.

· Recovery Vault

This software indeed has great features that can help you easily recover photos deleted from USB flash drive. However, you certainly don’t want to experience the same panic feeling you feel when you first realize that your photos are not on the place where it should be. It is always better to be safe than sorry and this is why Disk Drill provides Recovery Vault option.

When you turn this option on, it will record the data of your deleted files. As a result, if you change your mind and you want to undelete the files, the recovery process will be much faster since the tool knows exactly where to look and the original metadata is not altered or damaged. Furthermore, you can also decide for yourself which folder or files you want to protect. So, if you really cherish your photos, make sure you don’t exclude all the photo formats when you turn on this feature.

· Easy to Use

Looking at all the features above, you might think that this software can only be operated by those with ample IT skill and knowledge. On the contrary, despite of the wide range of recovery features, Disk Drill is actually easy to use. You only need to do some simple clicks to retrieve your deleted photos. You can even pause the scanning process and continue it the other days.

This software is originally only available on Mac but now you can also use it to recover deleted photo on Windows. If you are interested to give this recovery tool a try, you can download the file in


· It is very easy to use.

· It is available for various versions of Mac and Windows

· It can be used to restore various file types from many file systems and storage.

· It has various recovery options that can be choose according to your needs.

· The Recovery Vault option is really helpful to protect files from unintentional deletions.


· Disk Drill doesn’t show the quality of the files that we want to recover.

· It can only be installed in the hard drive. The portable option is only available in Mac OS X.

· The data to be recovered is limited to 500 MB.



Disk Drill is an excellent tool to recover your deleted photos. The simple interface makes this tool very easy to use, and most importantly, it works. It is not only effective to restore deleted photos, but simply any files you have in your flash drive. This file is great because it comes with Quick and Deep Scan option. If Quick scan cannot find your precious photo because it has been deleted a long time ago, Deep Scan will be able to find and reconstruct it.

Unfortunately, it is a shame that the size of data that can be recovered is limited to 500 MB. It means, you can’t use this software if you want to recover big size files. Furthermore, this software is also not able to display the condition of the files that we want to recover. The only way we are able to know whether the file is still usable or not is by restoring it first. Since the bigger the file is the longer the restoring process will be, restoring files that are actually too damaged to be used will just be a waste of time. But this is not a big problem since the recovery process of this software is actually pretty fast, yet still accurate, in general. Overall, with excellent file recovery and protection system, you don’t have to worry about losing your photos if you install this photo recovery software in your computer.

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