Which is Good for Better Job Opportunities CA or ACCA?

Accounting and finance have always been a lucrative option for individuals who want to make a successful and steady career ahead. The profession is highly regarded and has a central role to play in the business landscape. Though in terms of getting the right degree, you have multiple options to pick from and making the right choice can often be a difficult decision for many students. 

CA and ACCA are among the two popular options that are highly advantageous in this field but both of them have a lot of differences. While pursuing the former can be a challenge for many, the latter, which is a global chartered accountancy qualification has a flexible learning system and can be pursued by working professionals. 

CA has always been a sought after option, particularly for Indian students. Despite the exams being difficult to crack, many enrol for the entrance test as only CA are the authorized professionals in India who can audit the financial statements of a business. While this career is certainly rewarding and can get you jobs in multinational companies and audit firms, it does not have much value on a global scale. 

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA, on the other hand, is an internationally recognised accounting body with its presence in almost 180 countries. Students all over the world enrol for this course as getting an ACCA degree opens a multitude of opportunities in several different countries. Hence, you are no longer limited by choices and can even work with Big 4 firms who drift towards candidates that possess skillset and knowledge covered in ACCA training. 

Advantages of ACCA

International laws– While Chartered Accountancy is only limited to India as it covers financial rules and laws of a single nation, ACCA is concerned with International Laws and IFRS and hence adds to your knowledge on a wider spectrum.  

Better job roles– Given the relevance that ACCA carries on a global platform, you will face no dearth of opportunities and can work with top accounting firms in the world. While the CA degree also comes with the guarantee of cream job offers but it is only restricted to within the country. 

Flexibility– Another important advantage is that while CA requires students to attempt 4 papers all at once which can be strenuous, with ACCA you can sit for a single paper at one time and take the other over the year. 

High pass percentage– CA in India is a very competitive exam and though the ACCA is also tough, it has a much higher pass percentage. This means you stand a better chance of clearing your ACCA and getting a certificate, hence starting your career at the earliest. 

If you are keen to sit for the ACCA exams and wish to make a strong career in the field of accountancy then ACCA courses in London will be instrumental in helping you prepare for the test.

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