Best Press Release Distribution Services

What is the Importance of These Services? 

Companies often mistake the fact that they need a significant boost in their targeted audience through a distribution service. The significance of press releases is undermined and gotten over with as a chore. However, the worth of a well distributed press release can do wonders for the company and is the secret behind every efficient and well functioning business at present. 

A press release distribution service writes an effective press release that is catchy and important, and distributes it to prime news channels or other media outlets, in order to help you reach your desired audience.

This is a task that only professionals can handle, not people inside a firm. However, it is highly recommended for you to take care of several factors of importance. The prime one is the fact that you should know how to write a good press release on your own as well. Although you would not have to do it yourself, you can cross check the press release written by the distribution service and can determine its quality and whether or not it is on the track that you want it to be. 

If your audience gets the message of a new startup, or a new policy implemented by an old business, for instance, then the companies at hand will experience a significant boost in their market with interested buyers, investors and more. This will create a demand for the service or product that you are selling and will boost your business by a significant degree. 

The best way to get a best press release distribution service that will maximize your audience outreach will be through adequate research and reading reviews. However, to shorten the amount of time you will spend finding a good distribution service, we have noted several that have done markedly good over the recent years and are used by multiple businesses every other day.

Let us have a look at some of these. 

The Present Services 

If you want to get your press release to your intended audience effectively and also monitor your progress, then EIN Presswire is what you should opt for. This amalgamates the use of RSS feedback and monitoring of media that brings your press release on the doorsteps of journalists. Additionally, it is a very cheap service, starting at only $49.95. This makes it invaluable to companies that are flourishing and struggling, alike, providing quality service to all. 

Your intended industry is targeted fast by E-releases, assuring you to post your press release on a minimum of 75 sites. They reach a network of journalists, about 30,000 in number, in the United States, through wire distribution. What’s more is that your press release is stored permanently within the Newswire logs. Although this service is heftier than most, starting at $199, it can be invaluable as not only does it give you a good audience, but also writes a long press release for you, ranging from about 350-400 words. 

Features to Note

Hence, the following features are a must in a good distribution service: 

  • Good outreach. 
  • Well written press releases. 
  • Fast services. 
  • Monitoring and keeping you in loop with journalists. 
  • Reasonably priced as per the service provided. 


A lot is demanded by a press release distribution service and needs to be taken care of by firms. We hope we have helped you in your decision. Farewell! 

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