How to Market to Millennials on Social Media

Millennials are also known as Generation Y, and they are people who are born in the 1980s and the mid-1990s to early 2000s. Such people are in their twenties and early thirties at this stage. This article explains how to market very tricky subjects to Millennials in part one, and how to market broader topics to Millennials on social media in part two.


Part One – Marketing Tricky Subjects To Millennials

A website such as have a hard time marketing to Millennials because even though Millennials are interested in wealth building and saving, they are often not in a position to start investing, to start wealth building, or to start improving their credit score. Yet, Millennials are in desperate need of such information, so how does appeal to Millennials? The steps below explain what the web master does to attract Millennials (without pandering to them), and much of what is done both on-page is mirrored on’s social media campaign.


Step 1 – Funny content that is easy to share on social media

Take note of the many funny images the website offers. They are very easy to share and re-share on social media when promoting the website’s articles.

Step 2 – Breaking complex ideas into bite-sized chunks with headers

The website does this all the time. This article has done the same. Such methods are also mirrored on social media posts.

Step 3 – Posting advanced, intermediate and beginner articles

The website posts such articles on its website, and it mirrors such articles on social media. Social media posts that promote beginner articles are worded in a way that beginners understand. Social media posts that promote echeck’s advanced posts are full of esoteric terms and complex concepts.


Take the example of Bobby Fingers; he is a late-to-middle aged Afro-American man. His kids have grown up, his wife also works, and he no longer supports his late mother. He has disposable income and has become knowledgeable about investing, saving and money management. Now take Jamaican Jimmy. He is a Jamaican-American, he is only 27, he has one kid, a minimum-wage job, and his girlfriend is re-taking her college exams. Jimmy is living paycheck to paycheck and has very little knowledge about investing, saving or money management. Jimmy is attracted to the beginner’s posts on social media because they lead to beginner articles and articles about saving money. Middle-aged Bobby is attracted to eCheck social media posts and the eCheck website because it features advanced and highly detailed articles about investing and wealth building.


Part Two – Promoting Broader And Less Tricky Subjects?

The problem with promoting websites with broader topics and less tricky subjects is that there are millions of others doing the same thing. The easier something is to do (on social media), then the more people who are doing it. How do we get around the problem of promoting broader/simpler subjects in a highly competitive environment?

In most cases, you would be wise to concentrate on and prioritize the popularity of your social media posts because it is a big factor when ranking up the search engine results on social media networks. However, there is so much competition that you may struggle to rank highly enough to generate traffic, so what options do you have left?


Tight And Focused Targeting Is The Key

Ally your tight and focused targeting with an extremely high quality social media post. Avoid common draws such as se*, violence, funny, and so forth because they are levers used to attract a less-targeted crowd. The first step is to identify your target audience.

Let’s say you were promoting an essay writing companies review. Millennials are more likely to be in the later stages of education, so that rules out all posts for undergrads and so forth. They are likely to be partially qualified, so consider using more esoteric and specialized terms. Consider these steps when promoting your service on social media.


Step 1– Give away the best part of your service

What is the point in saving your best content for your paid service if people never buy it? Your social media posts should give away some of your best content for free. That way, people will buy from your website with the hopes of getting more of the same.

Step 2 – Offer exclusivity when you post on social media

Don’t offer discount codes that anybody can retrieve. Post discount codes specifically to one social media platform or to just one of your target groups. Try a different offer for people following you on Twitter, and another for people following you on Facebook. Give people a reason to look forwards to your posts.

Step 3 – Concentrate on your current users rather than on attracting new users

Take care of your current followers and users and new users will come along over time. Focused targeting means repeatedly pleasing your current followers so that you build and retain a highly targeted crowd of followers. Trying to attract new followers while forsaking your current followers will not serve you well in this case.


Marketing To Millennials On Social Media Is A Good Idea

You are really lucky when it comes to marketing to Millennials on social media because most Millennials are social media savvy without relying on social media to provide them with full-time entertainment (as many teen/tween users do). That means you may provide posts of a high quality without having to post overly frequently to maintain Millennial’s interest.

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