How To Get Your Home Prepared For Harsher Weather

Find out how to ensure your home and garden are ready to cope with the temperamental weather becoming more common in the UK. 

In the UK, the weather has always been a bit wet and windy, even in the height of summer. So when it comes to winter, things can get really harsh. As the weather systems get more intense, winters are getting wetter and even snowier. 

For that reason, it is important to prepare your home for that kind of weather. Nobody wants to have to deal with home issues in the height of winter. 

Here are our top tips to help you prepare your home for the colder months:

Store Everything You Don’t Need

Everything that does not need to be out during winter should be properly stored. This can include camping gear, bikes, canoes or kayaks, surfboards and even summer clothing. This will clear space in your home and ensure that you have more room to nest in full. If you don’t have any space to do that at home, perhaps you could consider some cheap self storage to keep you summer things safe and dry until the weather gets better again. 

Clear Space In Your Home For Winter Stuff

Winter is a time of year when you need more space in the home. You have all the blankets out, the Christmas decorations are out, the house gets filled with gifts, you have more guests. Basically your home gets more full. To clear space, having a declutter is a great idea. Not only will it help you clear space, but you could make some extra money from the items you sell. 

Sort Out The Garden

Whilst the weather isn’t wet and warm causing everything to grow at speed, you should take advantage and clear the garden. windier and wetter it gets, the more likely your garden will get more untidy, and harder to maintain. Clear those leaves, store the garden furniture in cheap self storage units and trim all the bushes and shrubs back. Your garden will look great for it, and you’ll feel happier after doing some exercise and being outdoors. 

Check The Home Condition

You should check the condition of your boiler, home insulation, windows and drains, and any other area likely to be affected by winter weather. It is better to problem shoot now and fix the issue now, than to discover it because weather has highlighted it to you. AKA it is better to find a roof leak when you spot it, than finding a roof leak when the rain pours in through it. 

Have A Good Clean

A great way to troubleshoot, prepare the home for guests, repair as you go and enhance the feel of your home all at the same time is to give it a really good clean. Put some music on and go room to room giving your home the kind of deep clean it usually only gets in spring. You’ll thank yourself come spring, and in the meantime the home will be fresh and lovely whilst you stay in and hide from the rain. 

Hopefully the ideas above have inspired you to prepare your home for the harsher weather. It is better to prepare, than to have to deal with issues as they happen. Your winter months at home can be much more enjoyable if your home is clean, clear and organised. 

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