Holiday Gifts Make Employees’ Spirits Brighter

The end of the year is the perfect time to show some extra appreciation for the work and dedication your employees give to the company. When you choose to give them promotional items with the company logo, they will be able to revisit that feeling of gratitude each time they use it. Here’s a look at the importance of employee gifts during the holiday season and some options for lasting, functional promotional presents.

Why it Matters

Few companies can afford to give their workers large pay bonuses at the end of the calendar year. A good alternative is to offer useful and durable promotional items that they will be able to use for years to come. Only thoughtful and functional gifts are appropriate when you are trying to demonstrate to employees that their contributions are important to the success of the company. Don’t diminish the sentiment by giving low-quality gifts. Purchase the nicest items the company can afford, and be sure to follow these guidelines:

Make it Thoughtful

Try to personalize your gift selections whenever possible. This level of thoughtfulness will go a long way among employees, who will see that you are listening to what’s important to them.
• Subscription to Spotify music service for a worker who always has headphones in
• Mugs and mug warmers for employees who know how to nurse a cup of coffee or tea
• Poster of favorite sports team with a jersey featuring employee’s name to show you pay attention to what’s important in their lives

Make it Useful

Offering gifts that do a little something to simplify your employees’ lives can demonstrate a great deal of consideration. It is the simple tools in life that can make workplace success more manageable.
• Sticky note or paperclip holder in quirky shapes for their office desks
• Laptop bags for those who travel for work
• Portable power banks that work with cell phones and other devices

Make it Durable

Promotional gifts that are given during the holidays don’t have to be useful just during that season. By choosing items that can be used many months of the year, you can show employees that you appreciate them in all different seasons.
• Clothing they can wear most months of the year, such as long-sleeve T-shirts or light jackets
• Umbrellas that can be used in multiple seasons – rain in the winter and sun in the summer
• Folding chairs for autumn sporting events or camping in the warmer months

Share Your Message

Finally, when you give gifts to your employees, make sure they understand that they are gifts first and foremost. The presents are meant to show your appreciation for their contributions to the company throughout the year. Don’t make them feel as though they are just walking billboards when they use or wear the branded items you are giving them. If there is not a positive feeling about the promotional items, it is unlikely they will be used and enjoyed.

You can give high-quality branded gifts to your employees this year without busting the budget. Choose thoughtful, useful and durable products that they will enjoy using all year-round.

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