The Dangers of Driving With A Cracked Windshield?

Have you noticed a small crack or chip in your windshield? The damage may seem superficial and something you can ignore. But driving with chipped or cracked windows is a recipe for disaster. There are many reasons why you should not be driving with it, even if it doesn’t look dangerous. Here’s why you should get it fixed right away.

1. Cracks Can Get Worse If Things Get In

What you need to understand is that the cracks can get worse if things get in. Moisture, debris, dirt, and leaves can make their way into the cracks or chips. This will start to wear away at the whole windshield. You’ll start to notice the crack or chip slowly getting bigger. In fact, you may have to spend more money repairing it later on if you wait for repairs.

2. Temperature Changes Can Start Shattering the Glass

It’s important to get the crack or chip repaired during the winter. The temperature fluctuations can be very extreme. As the temperature changes, the crack will contract and expand. This will result in the crack becoming bigger and bigger over time. The same thing may happen during the summer months, as temperatures tend to get very hot during the day and drop during nighttime.

3. The Glass May Shatter Due to Pressure

Another reason why you want to get repairs done right away is that the glass may shatter due to pressure. For example, if you slam your door too hard or if you place a burden on the glass when cleaning it, it may result in more damage. You can find cases where a person slammed the door too hard and made the glass shatter. In these cases, it’s not due to the quality of the glass, but the damage that has been unattended to.

4. It Can Make Accidents More Dangerous

What a lot of people don’t understand is that the windshield contributes to the structural integrity of the car. It helps maintain the roof of your vehicle as well as the frame. So when you get into an accident, the roof and frame may collapse very quickly. The glass may also shatter and spray out to the passengers. You want to avoid these possible scenarios.

5. It’s a Driving Hazard

You can’t deny the fact that the crack and chip is a driving hazard. It will get in the way of your vision even if it’s small. It can also impair your vision if the sun manages to shine through the crack at a weird angle. There’s simply no excuse for driving with a crack as you are endangering the lives of you, your passengers, and pedestrians.

Professional Repairs Produce Results and Are Affordable

If you spot a chip or crack, don’t wait to get it repaired. Go to a professional auto glass company that will improve and restore it to its original condition. If the damage is minimal, the work can be done very quickly at an affordable price. In some instances, you may have to replace the entire glass due to the excessive damage.

The first step to figuring out what you need to resolve the problem is to visit an auto glass professional. A good company will even offer you a guarantee and warranty. They’ll guarantee their work for a specified period. They will also provide a warranty for the replacement parts that they use.

In summary, you do not want to be driving around if you have cracks or chips. It doesn’t matter if they are minimal, as they can quickly get bigger. The longer you wait, the more you can expect to pay for repairs.

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