7 Signs You Are Ready to Move Your Small Business to a Bigger Office

Every business owner dreams that one day their business will grow and become successful. And with growing business come new and challenging situations. But while you can recognize some of them right away, and are already ready for the others, there’s one thing you may happen to neglect – like moving into a bigger office. The working environment is very important not only for the end result but for your employees’ well-being and productivity, too. With that in mind, we’ve singled out some signs indicating your business might be ready for a new space.

Too many cars not enough parking space

This is quite a problem, not only for you and your employees but also for your clients and visitors. This can also bring some new expenses and complications, especially if there’s a problem finding a parking space in the vicinity. Also, having your clients receive a parking ticket, or even your employees, can be embarrassing besides being stressful and unpleasant to all involved.

Your employees can barely move

Peace and quiet are important for any working environment and if that is missing, soon chaos and arguing can ensue. If your office has become crowded and too loud, maybe it’s because your employees don’t have enough space to maneuver and perform their designated tasks. Some teams need to work separately from the others, as do employees depending on the nature of their job. If you can’t provide an appropriate working area, it’s time to consider relocating to a bigger and better organized office space.

You’re expanding your business ventures

Growing sometimes means expanding. You started as a small business entity limiting yourself only to that which was possible and financially responsible at the time. But now you want to expand and that means you’ll need extra space for the new branch in your portfolio. You can always lease a separate office space just to cover employees in this new sector, but why divide your business and employees. Teamwork is what got you so far, and keeping everyone in one place has more benefits, including having unified costs for one office.

New beginnings, new office

The current office was good enough to start and develop your business, but now you want to move to that bigger office you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Don’t panic or let your excitement get the better of you. It is true that there’s so much to do, like find a reliable end of lease cleaning company or juggle two offices at some point, but a fresh and new beginning is something every hard-working entrepreneur deserves, especially if that’s what they have planned from the start.

Your clientele has changed

It may sound cruel and inappropriate but it does happen. If you become a well-known brand and your market value jumps higher, so will your clientele change and become more focused. A change of clientele may require certain aesthetic changes, and those may require bigger spaces for the waiting area and conference rooms. For example, if you design clothes and suddenly you become famous, you’ll need a bigger space for your employees and changing area for models and customers, resembling the ones in some famous fashion houses. That’s what your new clientele expects, after all.

New work benefits

It’s very popular to be pet friendly, have a daycare or canteen with a kitchen nowadays. Some businesses even practice having a break area so employees can relax and hang out during their breaks, for example playing games or watching TV. And all this will require some extra space, preferably far enough from the working area, so that other employees aren’t bothered by the noise.

Commute time is too long

Picking office space on the outskirts of town is usually cheap and affordable, but the commute time is longer and problematic when there’s some interruption in public transport. Being closer to the city centre or located at a well-connected site is sometimes not a matter of prestige, but a necessity if you want to go further with your business ventures and improve your productivity. In this way, your employees will avoid the stress of being late or having a long commute to work, and you will also have quick response if some matters require urgent office presence.

As conclusion

The bigger you get, the better office space you’ll need to accommodate not only your aesthetic desires, but also the growing number of your employees and clients, as well as to improve working policies and meet your workers’ needs and requirements for better performance. However it may be, enjoy this new chapter in your business adventure.

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