Top Reasons to Buy a Condo Near the BTS for Sale

From sprawling mansions on golf courses to back-soi townhouses and central duplexes, there are a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing a home in Bangkok. So why would you opt for a condo near the BTS for sale? We are going to answer that now with our top reasons to choose a condo near the Bangkok Skytrain network. 

A downtown condo opens up a whole new world of convenience and accessibility. First and foremost, why would you want to live your life commuting? Don’t you have better things to do! It is not uncommon for Bangkok office workers to spend 2-4 hours a day commuting to and from an office. That is quality time they could be spending with family, relaxing, exercising, reading, enjoying a hobby or learning a new skill. 

What’s more, when you live beside the BTS, you will know precisely how long it takes to get from A to B on this predictable and reliable mode of transport. And one that will not break the bank as it’s highly affordable. You can certainly go ahead and get rid of your car when you live in the city; you’ll have trains, buses, boats and your feet available instead.

And lastly, what could be better than having a full suite of world-class entertainment, dining and shopping attractions right on your doorstep. When you live in the city, you will be spoilt for choice. Nowadays, you cannot swing a cat in the capital without hitting a new hipster mall or coffee shop.

Still not convinced? Let us go over our top three points in a little more detail…


Staying in a downtown condo by the BTS will allow you to connect with all parts of the city quickly and easily. Besides the over-crowded MRT subway system, the BTS is by far the most popular form of public transport in the capital. It is certainly the most functional, reliable and spread-out system in the city. What could take gruelling hours in the car can be done in less than 20 minutes on the BTS. Get from your office in Sathorn across town to Thonglor in no time at all for Friday night drinks. With the right location, a condo near BTS for sale in Bangkok is a smart investment and lifestyle choice. 

Having a modern and fully equipped condo in Bangkok is guaranteed to provide you with everything you will need to live and full life. Nowadays most medium to high-end properties will have their own pool, games room, library, gym and garden. With all the on-site facilities at your disposal, you might even find you love to spend the bulk of your time at home! Modern condos also come with the added incentive of being high-tech, many will have voice-controlled lighting and curtains; smart mirrors; state-of-the-art security and sound systems, and other technological advantages.

With the BTS comes commerce, and by that we mean a plethora of entertainment options. Condo buildings are natural magnets for surrounding business; most will be neighboured by a range of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and spas. If you live along the Sukhumvit Line and you’re a shopaholic, you will be spoilt for choice, with this part of town being home to all the mage malls: Siam Paragon, EmQuarter, Central Chidlom, Central Embassy and Terminal 21. The Silom Line has plenty of entertainment options too, particularly tourist attractions and co-working spaces. 

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