Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Air Receiver Tank for Screw Air Compressor

Air Receiver Tank

As the most widely used air compressor in the industrial market, a screw air compressor always causes concentrated discussion. The air receiver tank is always ignored though it is an indispensable part of any compressed air system. The fact is that the air receiver tank plays an important role in the safe and effective operation of the screw air compressor. Having an appropriate air receiver tank size can provide additional power for the screw air compressor to store compressed air for use at peak demand.

This article will discuss what an air receiver tank is and why you need an air receiver tank for your screw air compressors.

What is an air receiver tank?

As a kind of pressure vessel, the air receiver tank is a complete set for industrial air compressors. As the name implies, the air receiver tank refers to the equipment specially used to store air. Pressurized by the screw air compressor, the air is sent to the air receiver tank installed outdoors and supplied to each gas consumption place. Air receiver tanks come in a variety of sizes – vertical and horizontal and can be configured according to the needs of your air compression system.

5 Reasons for equipping with an air receiver tank

Although you know that the main function of the air receiver tank is to store air, you may also wonder that is the air receiver tank really necessary for a screw air compressor? The truth is that it’s necessary. In order to operate the air compression system more efficiently, the air receiver tank has five main functions and advantages to figure you out why you need an air receiver for your screw air compressor.

1.    Stabilize the air pressure.

The air pressure of the industrial air compressor is very unstable and has great fluctuation but can be controlled in a proper range by using the air receiver tank, so does the elimination of pulsation of the airflow. Therefore, with the air receiver tank, there is a buffer place for the output compressed air to be kept at a set value; the screw air compressor in this way can get constant pressure, which is necessary for the use of modern chemical plants.

2.    Store air.

Since there is no place to store compressed air in a screw air compressor, it must be used up once compressed air is produced, which is not an ideal working model. With an air receiver tank, the compressed air is pumped to a certain pressure to store, so as to meet the sudden increase in air consumption and ensure more stable air for use.

3.    Energy saving.

Frequent start and stop of screw air compressor cause large current consumption of the motor. But the air receiver tank will stop the air compressor automatically in the case of full air inside, avoiding waste electric energy of the air. Relying on the air receiver tank for high-demand activities can reduce the overall operating pressure of the system as well as the energy cost.

4.    Cooling and filtering.

The temperature of compressed air entering the air storage tank is reduced to achieve the effect of preliminary cooling compressed air. Simultaneously, it can precipitate water and oil in compressed air to get higher quality compressed air.

5.    Improve efficiency.

Adding an air receiver tank can significantly improve the efficiency of the compressed air system and even reduce energy and maintenance costs. The performance of the air receiver tank in improving efficiency is mainly to reduce the waste of compressed air and improve the efficiency of the air dryer by reducing moisture.

In fact, the on and off cycle of the air compressor may waste compressed air. That is because compressed air is released during the exhaust of the oil collecting tank when rotating the screw air compressor to unloaded. In this case, a properly sized air receiver tank exerts a great influence in reducing frequent circulation and venting.

Moreover, when treated as a “wet tank”, the air receiver tank is an auxiliary heat exchanger to improve the efficiency of the air dryer.


Because the air receiver tank and industrial air compressor in the air compression system are inseparable two main bodies. There are many manufacturers in the market to provide high-quality industrial air compressors and air receiver tanks at reasonable prices in a whole set solution.

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