Losses of HotelsGuest.com and Travel Sites During The COVID-19 Crisis

Coronavirus disease which known as COVID-19 has negatively affected most activities, but it has destroyed hotels, airlines, and the travel industry all over the world. the website of HotelsGuest.com and the other hotel and travel websites have got a lot of big losses due to this dangerous virus that killed tourism and made people cancel all their hotel reservations in all cities. this is in addition to there are many governments that have turned a lot of hotels into hospitals due to this Coronavirus disease, so we will talk about some losses right now.

Information about the Losses of HotelsGuest.com During the Coronavirus Crisis:

all customers and travelers did not book any hotel rooms or suites for all hotels that are displayed on the website of HotelsGuest.com during the first quarter of 2020, and this is of course due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus disease between countries and tourist cities. This is in addition to people’s traffic on the website have fallen more than 50%.

Information about the Losses of other Travel sites During the Coronavirus Crisis:

When we talk about giant travel websites such as Orbitz, Hotwire, and Expedia during Coronavirus crisis, we can say that these sites lost millions of dollars for three main reasons, which are the reluctance of the travelers for new trip reservations to any city, and they started to cancel all their trips, and so they asked these travel websites to refund their money.

What are The Future Expectations for the Tourism Field After the End of the Coronavirus Crisis?

In fact, we now see that some hotels have become like abandoned houses, as well as some hotel managers sack a lot of workers in order to try to reduce losses, but when Coronavirus crisis ends, flights will definitely rise among countries, and we will also see most hotels will return to their main business, which is to receive guests, and so the travel websites will take profits from the hotel reservations that will be done through them.

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