What you have to know, when it comes to choose a hosting

Most blogs are operated via the CMS system, from which the most popular is WordPress. When deciding to start a blog, you must first choose the right hosting.

In a word of introduction, I advise against using free hosting because they do not provide what the commercial equivalent. Trouble-free, safe and genuine customer service. Of course, you can always move the site to another server, but it’s better to choose the right hosting provider for WordPress before ahead.

Hosting under WordPress – what is it?

First of all, it should be said that WordPress does not have excessive server requirements. A good server should above all support the appropriate PHP and MySQL parameters and it should be mentioned that not every hosting meets these requirements.

For WordPress, all you need is PHP and MySQL database version 5.6 or later. Avoid hosting from providers who don’t use current PHP versions. This is very important from a security point of view. Especially, when you have ecommerce website design in mind. Safety in internet commerce is extremely important.

Both the administration panel and the client panel should be intuitive and easy to use. Some WordPress plugins require the installation of additional modules, so before choosing it is worth finding out if a given provider offers such a service.

Some companies offer dedicated WordPress hosting. This is usually a system-optimized service, which is why you should choose it. The price of the service itself is also significant decision making issue. It should be adequate for the offer.

What to look for when choosing a hosting provider?

Before purchasing a given hosting, we recommend checking the following parameters offered by service providers:

  • transfer – the larger, the more people can view the site without the risk of any errors or problems with its operation. It’s worth choosing a server that runs on an SSD. Offers with the unlimited transfer may have separate regulations for video upload.
  • disk capacity – it is important that the disk space offered is not limited. Sufficient space for a blog or business card size is 10 GB.
  • databases -one page needs one database. If you want to set up several websites, then you should find a provider that offers the creation of several MySQL databases.
  • backup copies – backups are created in order to restore the last version of the page in the event of a failure or data loss. Pay attention to how often they are carried out and how long they are stored.
  • SSL certificates – certifications are important because they provide the ability to encrypt transmitted data. Today, having an SLL certificate is necessary.

It is important that the company offering dedicated hosting for WordPress has technical support within its services. These should be granted in the event of a breakdown, and available around the clock due to the fact that prolonged immobilization of the site may result in financial losses for customers.

Which hosting is the best for WordPress?

The best WordPress hosting option is the WordPress Cloud service, which is specially tailored to the WordPress system. It is a line of servers with high technical parameters, dedicated to websites – blogs.

They are available in three variants to choose from, which differ among others in the disk space and the number of additional applications. This solution is not only for bloggers but also for online stores. The most important parameters of these servers include:

  • disk space up to 200GB
  • 16 processors supporting pages
  • task schedules
  • database
  • disks with NVMe technology
  • HTTP / 2 and TLS 1.3
  • protection DNS Anycast, WAF and DNS over TLS
  • no transfer limit
  • unlimited number of e-mail accounts

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