iPhone Battery Tips: Improve Your iPhone 6 and 6S Battery Life

It is important for any iPhone users to know several iPhone battery tips, especially for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, to improve their battery life. Before knowing some battery tops, you have to know more about your iPhone battery.

The battery specification

The iPhone 6 has a battery with 3.82 volts rate, 11. Whr or 2,915 mAh and 3.82 volts rate, 6.91 Whr (1,810 mAh). Compare to the previous series of iPhone, the iPhone 5 and 5S, the iPhone 6 and 6S have higher specification of iPhone battery. It means, it should stay longer. To make sure you take care of the battery and improve your iPhone 6 and 6S well, there are several things you have to know.

Setting up well

First, you have to set up the battery setting well. You can check the Apple website to check the detail of the battery lifespan. In general the iPhone 6S has longer life than the iPhone 6 battery. The iPhone 6 has only 14 talk hour while the iPhone 6S has up to 24 talk hours. To set the battery you can always check the battery usage by clicking setting, the application under the “Time since last full charge” section. Then, click general look for usage and click the battery usage. You have to pay attention of the most battery percentage usage to check the most frequent app you use in your iPhone. It is important for you to identify your battery hogs and to re set the battery setting. Knowing your iPhone well is always the most important iPhone battery tips.

Second, you need to minimize the use of the battery. It means that the best setting for your iPhone is to minimize the battery usage. Start by setting the wallpaper in minimal. Just avoid any dynamic wallpaper. It is suggested for you to turn off the motion effect and parallax. You should also disable the automatic update for the less important apps and turn of the unwanted indexing spotlight search. It will make the battery life longer so you don’t have to charge your iPhone every time. At last, you should also restart your iPhone as new iPhone once in a while. It will refresh not only the battery life, but also the whole system in your iPhone.

Charge it well

Besides the setting, you also have to charge your iPhone well. It is simple. You just need to make sure that you never leave the battery drained empty. You also cannot leave your iPhone charged too long. Unplug the charger when it is full. To make sure every setting iPhone battery tips work well.

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