9 Top Digital Tools to Help for a Better Student Engagement in the Classroom

Doesn’t technology distract students and keeps them from focusing on their studies? Well, for some the answer is rather controversial, especially those who are more traditional learners. Any student could opt for the either way, ban mobile phones and laptop systems from classrooms, and or rather welcome the benefits of technology to act in the best of their interests.

Let it be any type of coursework writing, preparing presentation, or studying for the finals, there are some powerful digital tools that can effectively help you in this regard.

  1. White Noise

When it comes to focusing in a classroom, the structure is not always the ideal place for students regardless of the kind of assignment, writing, etc. It may seem quite unnatural in the educational context, but using White Noise app is one of the best ways to cancel out all the excess noise in the classroom, and help the students concentrate at the task in hand.

  1. Cold Turkey

Students may not willingly accept, but this tool is effective in alleviating the intensity of multitasking students conduct on their systems. The core aim of the tool is to help students in concentrating on the task or study material in hand, which it so effectively does by blocking out certain websites guilty of stealing away the students’ focus.

  1. Kahoot!

An exciting tool that students use to develop in-class interactive quizzes and questionnaires. Kahoot! Also extends its use in acquiring data for graphical assignments, research essays, and feedbacks from all the classmates. The tool is easily compatible with a plethora of devices and provides a game-esque feel that keeps the students entertained throughout their learning experience.

  1. Venngage

With the data analytics becoming one of the biggest trends in the digital industry now, data literacy is gaining proportionate importance as a vital skill for the students to learn. Doesn’t matter if the students have generated the data for themselves or from external sources, being able to transform the data into detailed infographics is a crucial skill required for a better understanding. Furthermore, the tool also provides a number of infographic templates that students can easily customize on their own accord. The best thing about infographics is it highly engages both the visual and textual learners.

  1. Trello

Due to the increasing complexity of course material in colleges and universities, the need for multitasking is growing equally. Unsurprisingly students are required to organize and streamline their study schedule and assignments accordingly. This is how Trello helps you by allowing the students to create easy workflow charts. Even more, collaborative projects can also be catered as the tool invites more than one student to work on the same dashboard.

  1. Plickers

A powerful tool specifically for the teachers, Plickers allows the educators to gauge the understanding of the students acquiring a particular course material. The teachers use the tool to write down questions with students answering in real-time. The answers provided by the students help the teacher evaluate how well each student is prepared at that very instant. The educators will then use the information to revise their lesson plans, pace of the subject matter flow, and devise assessments accordingly.

  1. Nearpod

The tool assists the teacher in developing highly creative and interactive lesson plans, measure the students’ subject knowledge level, and read their responses in real-time. The engagement element is genuinely incorporated as the students can acquire relevant feedback on their performance.

  1. Prezi

PowerPoint presentations are one of the most common, yet important educational aspects that students tend to encounter throughout their academic tenure. But let’s admit it, the level of engagement required in today’s modernized classrooms is not achievable through PowerPoint only. In other words, Prezi—a promising presentation development tool is now here to assist you in creating out-of-the-box and highly engaging presentations. Not only the development phase, but the seamless delivery through the tool is simply commendable for anyone attempting in a classroom. Furthermore, the Prezi presentations can be published directly to the students’ accounts, just for the benefit of checking later for study routines and exam preparations.

  1. Class Dojo

A great app that incorporates the gamification aspects in the classroom. For example, students can use the tool and create their own avatars, acquire or lose points on the basis of their classroom behavior, attitude, collective or group-based efforts, proactive approaches, and other soft skills predefined by the teacher and the students on mutual agreement. Educators also use the tool for other purposes including taking attendance, creating graphs from breaking down lesson plans, and more. The prime aim of the tool is to aid teachers in making smart decisions taking lesson plans and teaching creativity.

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