Monthly Surprises: 5 Types of Subscription Boxes You Should Try

Monthly subscription boxes have become explosively popular over the last few years.  Some of the top companies in this category are now billion dollar businesses, with others moving up the line quickly.

The reason behind the popularity of subscription boxes lies with the surprise inside.  You know you are getting something you are interested in, but you are not sure exactly what it will be each month.  Human nature loves adventure and excitement in a controlled environment, and these companies have hit the nail on the head.

So exactly what types of boxes are hitting the top market today that you should try?  Here are five of them.

  1. Food, Glorious Food

Food box subscriptions are skyrocketing.  With so many people on dietary restrictions, it can be difficult to meal plan, shop and cook for your family.  Food boxes make it easy to choose the diet and foods you need and have them delivered to your door, complete with each ingredient and the recipe that you need to follow.  It’s no wonder this type of subscription has hit the ground running and taken off like a rocket.

  1. Pets Are People, Too

Today’s generation has seen a rise in people who love their animals more than their neighbors, or sometimes even more than their own family.  Pet subscription boxes have capitalized on the knowledge that many people will pay more for their pets than for themselves to have treats..  These companies offer a wide range of items for your pet, from cute and cuddly clothing and fun toys, to healthy and delicious edible treats, and we the consumer – and our furry (or scaly) friends – love it.

  1. Health and Fitness Lifestyles

We all want to be fit and healthy, but how do we do it? There are an abundance of fitness programs, healthy diet trends, and nutritional supplements bombarding us daily through commercials, store shelving, and even our friends and family suggestions.  What works and what doesn’t?  What should we try and what should we stay away from?

Most of us don’t want to shell out big bucks for something that is just going to sit in our cupboard when we realize it doesn’t work for us.  Subscription boxes are a great way to try a product, see if it works, and then move forward from there.

  1. Wine Subscriptions

Giving wine connoisseurs (or just those who enjoy a good glass of wine) the ability to try a wide selection that they may not ever taste otherwise, wine subscription boxes fill a demand for many.  In these subscriptions, consumers may choose from value or quality, or select their delivery options based on region and taste.

  1. Fashion and Make-Up

Many companies have quickly grasped that women are a huge product market for trying on clothes and make-up, but they don’t want to spend the time shopping.  Delivering product samples and clothes in their choice of colors, size and style has made this market explode.  Now women (or men) can have their clothes and makeup delivered to them and they can pick and choose what they want to keep or easily return.

Which Subscription Works For You?

If you have a hobby, desire or need for something and you prefer not to hit the stores, or there are none near you that offer what you are looking for, do a little looking around online.  There is most likely a subscription company that can give you what you want at a price that suits your budget.  Have fun shopping and enjoy your monthly surprise!

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