How a Concierge Officer Can Help Your Business

If you run a hotel, a commercial building or a suite of investment properties, then you need to consider how concierge officer hire can help your business. There could be numerous advantages to concierge officer hire which you haven’t previously thought about. More and more in modern times, people are constantly hustling to get things done. Sometimes they simply run out of time and need extra help to meet deadlines or keep their life admin going smoothly. There are a range of concierge businesses out there that offer various services to support your clients. This article will focus on security concierge officer hire and how this can help your business.

Increase Perceived Value

Security concierge officer hire for your property adds value to your hotel or suite of properties as it adds a touch of class and professionalism. Knowing that the owner of the premises cares enough to choose concierge officer hire to ensure their safety and the upkeep of the site breeds trust and confidence. It encourages them to treat your property with more respect too.

Provide Greater Safety for Clients and Guests

With security concierge officer hire, there’s always someone keeping an eye on things, which helps you to create a safer environment for clients and guests. Services such as the opening and lockdown of premises, monitoring of entry points as well as security patrols mean that only those with proper access will be entering the building and any suspicious activity will be quickly recognised and shut down.

 Plan for Emergency Situations

When you provide accommodation for clients and guests, their safety is your legal responsibility to some extent. Not only do you need to have the right facilities in place to meet legal requirements, but you also need to have plans to enact should an emergency take place. Concierge officer hire can help by having a staff member available for offering first aid, being fluent in conflict resolution and risk management, and carrying out fire alarm procedures.

Protect Your Property

Greater security on your premises has other benefits as well. Keeping a careful eye on people coming in and out of the property, as well as CCTV recordings, it’s unlikely that any illegal activity will occur. And if on the rare occasion it does, everything will be on digital video for you to refer to should proof need to be taken to the police or a court of law. On most occasions, even just having signage around your property indicating cameras are in use will be enough to deter thieves and vandals. 


There are many benefits that security concierge officer hire can have for your accommodation or other kind of business. Not only can you increase the brand value of your business, but you can also increase the amount of trust felt towards you from your clients and guests. At the same time, concierge officer hire has other advantages such as increasing the level of security at your premises and discouraging vandals and thieves.

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