How To Activate your Deactivated PAN Card

In this article, we’ll talk about activating a deactivated PAN card.

  • Why PAN card gets de-activated?

In recent past, income-tax department has started de-activating all the PAN cards who are having the
different PAN numbers with same identity. It is been noted that around 11.42 lakhs PAN cards have
been deleted. Now, what to do when income tax department mistakenly removes your number which
you have been using to pay your IT returns from years.

  • What should be done when your PAN number gets de-activated?

  1. Once PAN number is de-activated your assesse to income tax e-filing also gets blocked
  2. To activate your PAN card again you need to write an application to your AO (in duplicate) and get the following documents as mentioned to be attached with the application:-
  • Indemnity Bond in favor of Income tax department.
  • Copy of PAN on which holder is filing his/her IT returns.
  • Copy of last 3 years IT returns filed on PAN card de-activated.

It takes around 10-15 days for re-activating the PAN card once the letter reaches to the Income Tax

Now, it may be possible that you have received notice/information by IT department to file an online
response but your e-filing login will be blocked than you have to file the response physically to AO and
file it again online once the PAN is generated.

And there can be case where you have not filed previous IT returns and further you have to write
another declaration explaining the situation.

Format Letter to AO

  • The Accessing Officer of Income Tax,                                                          \
  • Dated:*************
  • Ward No. ****
  • Civic Centre
  • New Delhi-110002

Sub: Request for Activating PAN Card no. ********** in the Name of Mr. ***************

Respected Sir/Madam,

Through this Application, I bring to your notice that PAN CARD No ********** was deactivated and the
current status on the Income Tax Department website is also Deactivated as message “Your PAN card is
deactivated by department” is being displayed while login. Due to this I am unable to file the Income Tax
Return for the Assessment Year 2017-2018.

In this regard I request to you to please look into matter and activate my PAN card so as to enable me
for Income Tax Return filling for the AY 2017-2018. The activation will also help me in migration to GST.

For the Purpose of activation of PAN Card, I am enclosing the following documents

  • Photo copy of my PAN CARD
  • Indemnity Bond and
  • Copies of last 3 years ITR filed as enclosure to this application are not available since my Income
    for last 3 Assessment Year was below taxable limit. In lieu of these documents I have added
    another declaration in the Indemnity Bond enclosed in this letter vide point A.

Kindly do the needful at the earliest and help me in being compliant with other laws also.

Details in respect of the PAN mentioned in Subject

  1. Name in PAN Card: ***************
  2. Father’s Name : *************
  3. Date of Birth: *************
  4. Residential Address : **********************

Yours faithfully,

Format to Indemnity Bond
Include Point 7 if you do not have last 3 year ITR Copies)

  1. My PAN is: **********
  2. I am regularly assessed in your ward/jurisdiction with PAN: **********.
  3. I have only one PAN i.e ********** which is used for last many years for the purpose of Income
    Tax Procedures and Proceedings, if any.
  4. I do not have any other PAN with me neither I applied for any other PAN, if any other PAN is
    allotted in your records, kindly deactivate the same and activate the PAN for which I have
    submitted the Application.
  5. I undertake to indemnify the income Tax Department for any loss that may be caused in the
  6. Kindly activate my PAN: ****************.
  7. I also declare that my income for earlier years for which I didn’t filed my return was below
    taxable limit. Therefore, I do not have copies of Income Tax Return for last 3 years as aksed by
    the Income Tax Department.

That the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

So, this is how you can activate your PAN. It will pass through many status and here is how you can
check pan card status. Let us know if you have any questions, happy to help!

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