4 Reasons Why Parents Should Allow Kids to Watch Peppa Pig

There is no denying the fact that currently there are several television shows that children can watch and enjoy but several shows are not approved by the parents because they do not provide any educational content. When parents allow their kids to watch something on television, they make sure that the television show is worth the watch. Undoubtedly, Peppa Pig is also not an exception and is loved by kids. According to https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk, Peppa Pig is all about family life. 

Peppa Pig is one of the unique cartoons that revolve around the family of Peppa Pig while they are constantly exploring the world. The entire family stays together and visits museums, preschools, libraries, etc. The animation of this cartoon is cheery and bright and this is one of the reasons that parents should allow their kids to watch Peppa Pig. 

Given below is a list of the reasons as to why kids of today need to watch Peppa pig. 

Women are ruling the world of Peppa pig

The first and most important thing is that women are ruling the world of Peppa Pig and this is something glorious. This is probably one of the best ways to make sure that the kids of today have no hint about the male dominated society that their parents were a part of at one point in time. Peppa Pig gives a notion that women can do anything on their own and all of the characters in this cartoon are not only strong but also independent, which is a great lesson for the kids. 

Hidden jokes

This cartoon has several hidden jokes and it is true that even though the little ones might find it a little difficult to understand the jokes, the parents do not need time to understand them. For example, in one episode of Peppa Pig, both Daddy Wolf and Daddy Pig are constantly waiting for a boat, and during this time, Daddy Wolf stares at Daddy Pig while mentioning that he is hungry. 

The character of Mommy Pig

Another reason to watch Peppa Pig is that Mommy Pig is one of the role models that your children could ever have. She is not only a family woman but she is also bent on taking care of her family. She is extremely smart and has the capability of solving all problems. She, in fact, makes up for all the messes that are created by her husband. A cartoon like Peppa Pig has clearly portrayed in every possible way what the women can do, and Mommy Pig is an important reason why Peppa Pig should be watched. You can also consider watching Peppa Pig in Hindi

The sassiness of Peppa

Even if you are not aware of Peppa Pig, there is no denying the fact that you have definitely seen the famous whistling meme associated with Peppa. Peppa cannot whistle, this is what makes her upset but she is happy when she learns that her friend cannot do it as well. However, as soon as Peppa tells her friend how to whistle, Rabbit Rebecca does it, and Peppa is jealous. This might not be the exact behavior that you want from your children but if you want them to watch something entertaining, Peppa Pig is certainly it. 


Peppa Pig is an entertaining cartoon. Make sure that you are going through the reasons that have been stated above and allow your kids to watch Peppa Pig. 

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