How to Ensure the Quality of the Aluminum Profile Manufactured by the Aluminium Extrusion?

Quality of the Aluminum

It’s not hard to see various products made of aluminum alloy profiles, such as mobile workbench in the industrial field, assembly line workbench, protective fence for industrial equipment, door, window or curtain wall profiles in the construction field, etc.

The reason why it’s widely used is that it has a long service life, corrosion resistance and no deformation and so forth. Its superior quality plays a vital role in its popularity.

What are the factors that account for its quality?

 The right aluminium extrusion

As we all know, the aluminium profile is produced with the help of the extruded aluminium. Thus, it’s essential to choose a high-quality extruded aluminium.

Galuminium’s extruded aluminum may meet the need.

a. It’s versatile. It’s able to produce a variety of aluminium profiles for the products like micro-motors, cylinder machines without wearing sleeve, pneumatic cylinder, curtain track, etc.
b. Convenient construction. It’s modular and multi-functional, being able to quickly construct the ideal mechanical equipment coat without complicated design and processing.
c. Low cost. Aluminum extrusion dies are less expensive than other competitive materials for roll forming, casting, forging, etc.
d. Produce high structural efficiency. Aluminum alloy extruded profiles manufactured by it are of maximum structural efficiency.
e. Lightweight. Extruded aluminum profiles are lightweight, strong and durable.

 Sealing material quality

If the quality of the sealing material used in the aluminum alloy is not up to standard, it may cause large matching clearance. If the parts which need to be assembled after bonding are assembled directly without applying sealing material, it is likely to result in scratching or the fact that other substances easily penetrate into the aluminum profile and the main structure through various assembly gaps.

 Waterproof structure design

If the waterproof sealing layer is not enough, the water is prompt to get in the aluminum profile cavity and enter the room. The material or rainwater entering the aluminum profile cavity cannot be discharged smoothly through the drainage system, causing water accumulation. What’s worse, the acid rain phenomenon will lead to oxidation.

 Structural strength

If the structural strength and the steel strength fail to meet the requirements of the wind pressure resistance performance of the location, the aluminum structural members, hardware fittings, seals and bonding materials will have severe plastic deformation, pulling cracks or damage under normal wind loads.
In this case, the aluminum body will fail to seal, resulting in exposure oxidation.

 Surface oxidation treatment

After the anti-oxidation treatment, the surface of the profile does not need to be subjected to other operations, so that the service life is certainly extended. If the surface treatment is not appropriate, black spots would be appeared, which would harm usage.

 Processing technology

When adopting the processing technology like doing the cold heat treatment to deepen the tensile strength of aluminum profiles, it should be done with carefulness. If not, its property would be damaged.

There are also adverse effects that may be generated by poor seaming and soldering. The hollow aluminum alloy profile adopts the plane split combined die extrusion process. This process is relatively difficult in the production of the profile. The metal is subjected to the process of splitting and welding, so the hollow profile is welded.

There are two reasons for the gap: one is the split hole, the welding chamber is narrow, the metal supply is insufficient, the metal does not form enough hydrostatic pressure in the welding chamber, and the product is not welded and flows out of the die hole, resulting in the gap of the welding of the product.

Besides, excessive lubrication and poor lubrication would cause poor welding of hollow profiles.

 The quality of production equipment

The aluminum rod should be cleaned to ensure that no impurities enter the aluminum profile. The time, temperature and uniformity are expected to be placed importance.

The mold nitride layer should be thick enough to ensure that the surface has no lines, in order to make sure that the profile produced has a smooth surface.

 High dedication of production workers

Workers are supposed to concentrate on monitoring the production process. Super high attention is needed.

Take these tips and they will be helpful for producing satisfying aluminium products. Visit

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