Spy Apps To Protect Your Smartphone

This is my personal opinion on hoverwatch app. In this post we will focus more on the features and functionality either than other random stuffs which you’ll read on other blogs. I spotted some unique stuffs in this app which creates a good user experience, Just go through the article once you’ll know everything about the latest Hoverwatch.

What makes Hoverwatch best among others?

It is undiscoverable – Yes it is undiscoverable. You can keep the app hidden or keep it open anytime you need. It is almost impossible to spot it on a device if it is installed. Even a tech geek will fail to spot the app installed on that device. This is one of the best feature for you if you want to keep an eye on your employee or your children, you don’t want them to know that you are tracing them, you can use this feature to keep it more secure and safe from your suspect. The app works easily in the stealth mode which makes it almost impossible to spot it in phone once it is properly configured.

Stop the Tracking Remotely – Even if the app is invisible or the suspect is not around you, you don’t have to reach the device to stop locating or spying it. You can use your account in a web browser to get the access and you can stop it easily. Just reach the dashboard to stop or start the service without reaching the device physically.

Tracks all means of communication – There are a lot of spying apps in market most of them are fake or they are made by newbie developers messing on android development. The main advantage of Hoverwatch is that it easily catches every communication happened on that device. Like social media apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook also it can track which images were sent or received. It’s almost like you are operating it remotely.

Track Multiple Devices – This is the best feature which I personally liked in Hoverwatch, you can easily trace upto 5 devices at a time. You can install it on Windows PC and MAC OS computers too. This would be the best part for those who want’s to keep an eye on employees. You just have to download the required file of that and then you can also click on how to install option to find the complete guide. This makes it more simple for non techy users.

Low priced – Just by paying few bucks you can enjoy the most advanced features of Hoverwatch, No limitations after paying no ads or any random stuffs which you see in other apps listed on Google play store.

What I hated in Hoverwatch?

There are some little reasons which I didn’t liked in hoverwatch, they are listed below.

Pricing of plans – It is available for very little price but the plans would make you confused. It’s complicated a bit to understand your needs. The price decreases if you pay for a year together or you buy it for multiple devices. It saves around 50% of the total bill if you pay yearly, that’s clearly a good factor to consider but still it is creepy for me. I was not able to decide between the personal and family plan while buying it. According to me if you have an office and you want to keep a track on your employees then you should use the Family pack and consider paying yearly to save some bucks. Not a big amount but still makes difference on big purchases.

Wrapping it Up !

This was in detail about what I hated and loved in hoverwatch, don’t forget to share the post if you found some useful info here.

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