Web development outsourcing – benefits and risks

Many companies choose to outsource web development because of many reasons. From this article you will find out why they prefer this solution and why they don’t want to hire a person to cooperate in this field. We’ll go through the benefits and risks of outsourcing web development and we hope that it helps you choose the best dev company for you.

Benefits of outsourcing

Below we show you a few benefits of outsourcing this type of service.

Saving money

The main pros of outsourcing web development is saving money in the company. This may not seem true to you, but take into account that when you hire a development team, you have to pay for their sick leave, vacations, taxes and what’s more you have to pay their taxes, you have to rent a room to accommodate the team, providing them coffee, snacks, etc. By adding these factors together, you can get a large sum, much more than the cost of outsourcing. Don’t decide about rejection before this calculation.

Focus on more important things

Second benefit of outsource web development is having less things to care about. Many responsibilities connected with monitoring and organizing work of the development team take a lot of time. It is a big problem if you still don’t have enough time. Managing a company is not easy, but it can be done. It will be definitely easier when you leave technical development to another company.

Working with talented people

Web development companies with the best reputation associate high-class specialists: project managers, developers, graphics and other team members. They have and know the newest technology in the opposite in-house team. In addition this solution wins in situations when you realize that you don’t like your website design anymore and you want to change it. Outsourcing will be easier and faster than looking for the best person with competences that all web development employees have.

Risks of outsourcing

There are a few possible risks below. Read them and try to prevent their negative consequences.

Difference connected with culture

It is a well known problem when you want to cooperate with a company from another continent or even country. But it doesn’t mean that you have to choose some from your town. You can cooperate with people from every part on Earth, but be sure that they understand your needs and they know trends from your neighbourhood. Cut2Code company is from Poland, but they more often work with American companies so it’s a good example of a team that knows your culture as much as you need.

Different Time Zones

The next aspect is the difference in time zone. Remember to ask the outsourcing company about how they handle it. Maybe it won’t be a problem, because they are used to having conversations at strange times. We advise you not to narrow the scope of your search to a time zone, but only to get along with the company and choose the best form and time of communication.

Hidden costs

Be sure that you know all of the service costs and remember to ask about the cost of additional consultation hours. Sometimes people are shocked when calculating the final cost, try to avoid it by asking about the price of everything. Read the contract carefully and focus on every additional cost and services.

Choosing the best web development company is not easy, but you can do it in a good way. Just focus on the contract, ask about not clear aspects, learn about the company’s principles of operation and decide on the one that suits you best.

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