5 Of The Coolest Construction Tech Innovations Of 2020

Construction Tech Innovations

There is no doubt that there will be a huge demand for men, material, skillset, and other such things as far as the construction industry is concerned. However, what has been worrying experts in this industry is the slow pace as far as the absorption of new technologies is concerned.

However, many believe that it may soon become a thing of the past as the industry is all set to embrace new technologies. The year 2020 may have had some bad news for many of us for obvious reasons. But as far as the construction industry is concerned, many positive things are happening on the technological front.

We are happy to list down five of the most significant changes that could be impacting the industry in the years and decades to come. It will undoubtedly affect every aspect of the construction industry.

This includes jobs that require primary technologies like road flare to something more complex, like the construction of tunnels and bridges. We are straightaway getting into the five techniques that might help redefine this industry.

1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is perhaps the next big thing that may happen in the construction industry. It is the ability to visualize things making use of advanced camera lenses.

It is like being in a position to experience and feel the final product even before the first few bricks have been laid for the entire construction. It is an expensive proposition, but there are a sizeable number of companies are already into it because of the apparent benefits it offers.

2. BIM Technology

BIM actually stands for Building Information Modelling. This is set to become one of the most sought after construction technologies over the next few years. This is because we are into a world where there is more significant acceptance of highly collaborative and open data than trying to keep everything under the wraps.

Many attached to the construction industry believe that it could become the catalyst for a significant and fundamental change. It will help us to design, manage, and develop a construction project from start to end. It is highly versatile and flexible, and there are many levels of programming that are also available.

It could be 4D BIM or 5D BIM, and quite a few more may be in the pipeline. It will certainly help bring inaccuracy to the entire building process and also help in a more efficient exchange of information between the stakeholders.

3. Prefabrication, Eco-Friendly Construction & Modularization

There also is a growing shift towards pre-fabrication, taking into account multi-trade needs and requirements. This is, however, still in its initial stage, and the people who are working on it are addressing some issues pertaining to this technology.

There is some work going on, and one prominent example is building work that is happening in Dubai. The entire 3D office building was planned, conceptualized, and the 3D design was completed in a record time of 17 days.

Once this was done, it required only a few months to have the whole thing assembled on site. This is a fantastic breakthrough, and over the years, it certainly will bring about a revolution in the construction industry. The cost, according to experts, will also not be too prohibitive as volumes pick up.

4. Self-Healing Concrete

Self-healing concrete is also supposed to be another big breakthrough when one talks about the best and the most cooling construction technologies as far as 2020 is concerned. It is already used in buildings, roads, and of course, homes.

We also know that concrete is the most widely consumed and produced material as far as the construction industry is concerned. It is expected we will see around 5 billion metric tons of concrete being used in a year by 2030.

As construction activity picks up speed in big countries like India and China, this self-healing concrete will have a significant role to play.

5. Drones

Finally, drones are also becoming an integral part of any construction industry. They are beneficial in many ways and help save time and money. Surveying that used to take days at length can be completed within a few hours. It also will bring in new levels of efficiency, and the endemic problem of time overruns will become a thing of the past.


The above are just a few of the many technologies that could bring about path-breaking changes in the construction industry. It will bring in new levels of efficiency, improve productivity, bring down costs, and help customers to live in homes that they may just have dreamed of.

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