The recruitment in the 21st century is a real challenge for HR specialists. As the labour market shows, traditional methods do not give a particularly high effectiveness in finding candidates who meet the criteria of a certain organization.

Announcements, participation in Job Fairs, professional career website, direct search or recommendation system are more and more not enough to attract the bests. It is possible to ask the question of how and with what methods to look for candidates. Only modern recruitment tools can be an adequate answer to the organization’s contemporary challenges.

If you haven’t used them yet, it’s time to try something new.


Any company that cares about the professional image of the employer must exist on the Internet. A profile on Facebook, LinkedIn or GoldenLine is not enough. More and more often organizations decide to use accounts on portals such as Twitter or Instagram. The popularity of corporate blogs is also growing steadily.

The rule is simple, in order to reach the right group of users we have to “speak their language”. In practice, this translates into the use of adequate tools. Generation Y and Z representatives are keen to read blogs, watch vlogs and take into consideration the opinions of influencers. Focusing on communication through social media we give ourselves a chance to achieve success in aquiring new candidates.


Potential employees can also be attracted by the use of appropriate content, which does not have to be directly related to the recruitment process itself. Viral Recruiting aims to bring together people with a specific profile, e.g. similar interests, lifestyles or attitudes. The next step is to provide information about recruitment processes. Although the method seems to be highly engaging and time-consuming, it is certainly of great value in the form of pre-selection.


Recently, recruiting videos have gained in popularity. With the digital technology trending in HR community, there is no surprise that the new method in recruiting process comes in the form of video. Organizations are posting created recruiting video on social networks like Facebook or YouTube. This form of recruiting has an ability to attract wide range of potential candidates, especially the ones in the desire age group. Good made, short recruiting video can achieve what traditional methods can´t. They capture the authenticity of the company, the look and feel. It also does a great work in pre-selection, as the candidates who watched the video can easier assess whether they are good fit for the company. But as said, the video has to be made good. It is then maybe better to hire professional to do it for you. In such case, the best would be to look for a local business from your region. So accordingly to your location search in google by typing in recruiting video + your city, like for example:  Recruiting Video Frankfurt. Given results will show professional companies that specialize in such video production and are nearby. Try to do a research. Checking portfolios would be here good solution, as after watching few samples, you will know whether it is what you are looking for.


Game-playing is also an interesting variety of the recruitment process. This method not only attracts candidates, but also encourages them to get involved. Playing is based on the conviction that people tend to compete, compare themselves, play, win and achieve goals. The basis, which often determines the effectiveness of the method, is the aim of the game and adapting it to the profile of the desired people, according to their values, lifestyle or interests. Appropriate preparation and collection of data is therefore crucial.



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