3 Big Companies that Has Important Roles in Dubai’s Telecommunication Technology Changes

The way you communicate with other people can bring a big and beneficial change. It is also applicable to the business system. A good communication system in a company gives many benefits that affect company productivity and even its future. Speaking about communication, a phone will always be the first thing that comes up in our mind. In a company, the phone and communication system holds an important role that connects all elements in that company.

Among many kinds of phone that can be used to support the communication system in a company, the IP phone is the best choice. It offers many benefits and features you can’t find on the traditional phone system. Therefore, many companies try to provide a service to help those who need this phone. One of them is Yealink IP Phones. This is the service/phone product offered by Yealink, one of the big companies in UEA.

Who is Yealink?

Yealink is a Dubai-based company. This company provides many kinds of IP phone products and service for business. Yealink also becomes one of an important part of the UEA communication technology changes. They have released many innovative products and new technology that help many companies in that country to improve and upgrade their communication system into a better and reliable one.

Why did this company successful in aiding the change of communication technology in UEA? Mostly it is because of their business and service concept. They offer the easy-to-use service that is made of the latest technology. It means their clients can still use the high-tech and advanced communication system, even though they don’t have high skill in the particular field of that technology. This is also the reason why this company has successfully contributed to UEA communication technology.

Yeastar Company

Yealink isn’t the only communication company in Dubai that has a big contribution in that country communication changes. The other company that also has an important role is Yeastar. This company has become one of the most popular and favorite services among small-middle scale business and office. They indeed focus their service to this scale of the company. Their service allows the smaller scale business to get a chance to enjoy the advanced communication technology like the big scale company.

One of their popular products is Yeastar PBX System. This system offers many benefits for small-middle scale business. The first benefit is the easy installation. It doesn’t require too much money or time for applying this system in the existing communication system of the company. Everything can be done easily without hassle. Moreover, Yeastar also offers a service for this purpose.

Moreover, the PBX system from this company also has an auto-configuration setting. This feature helps a business a lot because we know that not all those companies have a specialist that understands how to adjust the IP phone system like this. With the auto-configuration feature, once it has been installed, it will automatically adjust the system so it matches the user needs. Furthermore, the system is also designed to be easily scalable in the future following the growth of the business. This adds more value to this system.


Grandstream or Grandstream Network, Inc. is another telecommunication company in UEA. This is just a branch of the main company that is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Even though this one is the Dubai branch, this company still holds an important role in the communication technology market in Dubai.

Grandstream’s product is well-known for its high-quality. Many companies in Dubai and UEA use their service for the important part of their communication system. This shows how important and capable this company is, in providing the best communication service, especially IP phone, for those companies.

The IP phone series from Grandstream has many features and different design than other companies. For example, their phone has useful features that can facilitate the communication need in a company or between companies. They offer the high-resolution LCD screen for a better experience when you are having a video call session.

They also design their products and services to match your business needs and conditions. It saves more budgets and provides a better and more beneficial effect for your company. In short, if you are looking for the best IP phone service in Dubai, Grandstream Business IP Phone is the answer.


The three companies we mentioned above have a very important role in the telecommunication industry in Dubai, UEA, and the Middle East. However, they also provide a global service which gives you a chance to enjoy their product and service if you need one.

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