Victim of a Hit and Run Parking Lot Accident? Here Are 5 Steps You Need to Take

Parking lots are places that commonly lead to hitting and runs. When you come out of a store and see your door is dinged or your bumper is hanging loose, it can be stressful. When someone hits your car and flees the scene, panic can set in. Knowing the steps to protect yourself after a parking lot hit and run is essential.

Types of Damage Caused by Parking Lot Hit and Runs

Victims of parking lot hit and runs should visit to learn more about their rights as a victim. There are common types of damages caused by a hit and runs and they include the following.

· Scratches

· Fender dents

· Door dents

· Scraped paint

Discovering your car has been damaged while you were parked in a parking lot can be stressful. It is especially devastating to learn the person who hit your car is nowhere around. Knowing how to protect yourself after a hit and run is important.

5 Steps You Should Take After a Hit and Run

Although minor hit and run damage are common, sometimes, serious damages can result. The following steps should be taken to ensure your rights are protected and you are able to seek fair compensation for your damages.

1. You need to contact your insurance company right away, and report the hit and run. Talking with your insurance agent will help you to know the further steps you will need to take.

2. Look for any eyewitnesses that may have seen the hit and run. It is also helpful to check with the store manager to see if they can review the parking lot camera footage to determine which vehicle did the damage.

3. Recording evidence is also crucial. Make sure you take pictures and videos of the scene and of the damage.

4. Take careful notes and gather as much information as possible. If you learn the description of the car, driver, or their license plate number, make sure to take note of these, so they will not be forgotten.

5. If the damage is severe, you would be wise to call the police and file a hit and run report. It is against the law for a driver to flee the scene of the accident. Drivers can face heavy penalties, including the loss of their license.

Protect Your Rights

As a victim of a parking lot hit and run, you have rights afforded to you under the law. In some cases, it is helpful to hire a lawyer to review your case and help you find the guilty party.

A lawyer will protect your rights and best interests after a parking lot hit and run. They will launch an extensive investigation into the cause of the accident, so the at-fault driver can be tracked down and held accountably.


Dealing with a parking lot hit and run is extremely stressful for drivers. Taking the above steps will help to ensure your rights are protected. You have the right to pursue the responsible driver, but you may need legal help in the process.

Hit and runs occur frequently, especially in large parking lots for big retailers and malls. If you have become the victim of a hit and run accident, make sure you take the right steps to protect your rights and, ensure you are able to pursue fair compensation. Even if you are never able to discover the responsible driver, your car insurance may cover the damage.

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