The Small Business Guide To Digital Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

Marketing is a strategy that helps you strengthen your brand presence in market. Earlier when their were no mobiles (internet) there was no concept of branding and their were only few major takers and the marketing tools were Radio advertising, Television Advertising and Newspaper Advertising but with internet entering and bursting our lives.

We have become more dependent on DigitalMedia for our Brand recognition. Business entrepreneur are putting in huge amount of money on its branding

The major marketing brands andbusinesses are now hiring digital marketing agency and spending Crore’s of rupees as of TATA spends annually 100, 0000

L’Oréal spends annually 500 croresannually. Now even Indian Oil Company Limited is using privatised media
agencies such as McCann for its brand promotion. (Source: LodestarUM)

The low cost marketing is though notvery effective but if you are eager to make it big, you have to work on the
real strategies to make it sound big.

The various aspects of digital marketingthat’s low budget and cost efficient are:

1) E-Mail Marketing:

If you have large number of emailaddresses of clients, it’s best to address them about your latest services,
upcoming appointments and promotions.

It’s a great way of leading your brandand informing and educating your clients. It can be as simple as wishing your
client or promoting your new product.

2) Pay-Per-Click:

PAY-PER-CLICK is as intelligent advertising tactics that intends to drive your customers to reach your business. It drives your users to use search engines that will eventually leads to your website. Using right KEYWORDS helps your website appear on the top of result or top of all the search engines. Here’s Google’s keyword Planner comes to rescue.

A well designed clickable website canboost your sales and capture new clients and customers.

You can further enhance and make yourwebsite more user friendly even for a layman to get noticed by using tools such as attaching your companies phone number , contact address , online registrations etc.

3) YouTube Marketing:

Whether you are an online or offlinemarketer, You Tube helps boosting in your sales. Here the best thing about
using you tube as a digital marketing tool it’s we can view how many loops of videos have been seen or viewed or you can say watched.

It has a built in analytic.

You Tube had massive traffics andmassive viewers with mobile companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio etc. pouring
in and slashing their rates by giving 4G networks making easier Tyne companies to reach rural areas and capturing it too.

There are nearly 1,325,000,000 people usingyou tube (Data: Digital Organics)

It gives you a great opportunity toshowcase your product with the help of video that leads impact on consumers
mind. Always remember this is a low cost effective marketing tool that reaches rural and urban market as well.

Every video that you post on yourwebsite gives you a leg on over your competitors. Every You Tube video the number of times isviewed strengthens your position in market.

There are few major steps to follow –

a) Just keep your video relevant to thetheme of your company

b) It should build website brand

c) It must help in getting direct sales

d) Add a call-to- action button everythree minutes

  • READ
  • LEAD
  • BUY

The motto goes for Digital marketing.

4) Facebook Marketing –

Of all the reigning social media Facebook occupies number one No.#1 Rank where friends and clients connect and share
information. Facebook had lead to mushrooming of relationship and thus pic

i) The first thing for a small budget company or business is to have aFacebook Page apart from a website and You-Tube channel as discussed.

But the fact ofgetting in front of rightaudience or buyers is a grilling job for a start-up company.

Facebook advertising costs depends onthe companies’ budget .If going for a low-cost efficient advertising you have
to be more client oriented.

ii) A user friendly Facebook business page is very effective tool for your business.

iii) How to develop your brand identity-

  • Share social media images
  • Sharesocial media links
  • Sharesocial media videos


On a Facebook site you can view a Facebook ads scrolling up and down on the side columns.

You can build up ‘Classic Ads ‘ thatshould include

The Companies image

The Companies headlines

The Companies products andit’s description

And a CLICK that links to your company’swebsite.

While practically saying Facebook adshave CTR ( Click Through Rate )

Of only 0.05%

So to Increase and enhance your Facebook advertising you will have to apply various tactics, one being hosting Facebook contests

Here you can create your brand awareness by increasing your clients and of your market awareness.

Though I have just discussed a preciseand easy way of budget digital marketing skills that’s a must considering today’s highly conscious consumers who are aware of branding and the best way to reach the urban and rural potential consumer digitally.

The key is focused, effective digital marketing services rather than trying to cover a broad range channels, spreading budget too thin to be effective in any single channel.

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