Top Tech Bloggers and Influencers of India

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Are you a person who is very much passionate about the latest technologies? Are you a tech freak? Does the history of your browser filled with tech websites? If yes, then you are in the perfect place. We are here with an article that will help you to know about the top-best tech bloggers and influencers in India. Have a look at this article to get details.

1.     9 LESSONS- By Srinivas Tamada

This is a tech blogs India that is for all those people who love programming. It is a must to follow this blog for people who want to know about the concepts of programming. Srinivas is a person who provides tutorials blog posts for the people who want to know about the various aspects of programming. Therefore, this is considered one of the best blogs in India. All the conceptual things of programming are covered in the tutorials given by Tamada. Mr. Tamada is passionate bloggers and the topics covered in his blog are Web Design, CSS, Jquery and many more.

So, if you are thinking to learn concepts or aspects of programming, then go and refer to this blog.

1.     SPROUT 24- By Ankit Prakash

This is again one of the top tech blogs in India. Let’s discuss why? Ankit Prakash is an entrepreneur and a full-time digital marketer. He is the founder of Easy Send and also the Co-founder of Aritic. These are the marketing automation platform with artificial intelligence.

If you a person who wants to know about digital marketing then his blogs are the perfect set of information. All the necessary and important information is provided by him in his blog posts about digital marketing. Some of the simple and elegant things covered in his blogs are Webmasters, Email-marketing, etc.

2.     TECHLILA- By Rajesh Namse

This is again the best tech blogs in India and was found in 2012. This blog is a go-to site for all tips and tricks about tech needs. Therefore, the best thing about this blog is that it is an encyclopedia for all the latest tech-related news. Rajesh Namse is an SEO and a Blogger, who provides all the latest information. The best thing about this blog is that it also accepts blog posts by guest authors also.

Want to know tricks and tips about technology, then go and refer to this blog.

3.     SHOUTME LOUD- By Harsh Aggarwal

This is a blog with more than 1 million followers. This is a blog that is specifically based on blogging and blogs. Hence, it is the perfect blog for bloggers. Let’s discuss why?

Harsh Aggarwal is an engineering graduate by study and a blogger by profession. He provides all the necessary information about blogs and blogging. Hence, this is a blog that shares insights, updates, tech tips and tricks for all the new bloggers. For those who are interested in blogging as a profession or hobby, then they can use this blog to know about its concepts and things.

4.     TECHTO TOUCH- By Aniruddha

This is a perfect blog for people who want to know about the time-saving tips and tricks about different types of things. With honest reviews and a lot of valuable technology tricks, this blog is the perfect one with all the necessary information. Therefore, the topics covered in this blog are smartphone tips, Windows tips, etc.

So, these are the top 5 best technology blogs India. If you want to know more about them let us know in the comment section below.

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