The Pros and Cons Of Call Tracking For Your Business

Because of the rise of technological advancements today, businesses tend to take traditional methods for granted. Companies rely heavily on a variety of digital platforms to market their products and services without realizing that some conventional marketing methods could still be able to help their venture grow. These marketing tools may be quite old and outdated, but they can still bring something to the table.

Despite the existence of social media platforms, consumers still value their opinion. They still want to feel valued by voicing out what they think or how they feel. Because consumer voices still matter, businesses must value the importance of speaking with their clients through a phone call. Consumers still call a business’ number to inquire, give feedback, or ask for help.

What is Call Tracking?

Call Tracking makes use of software that enables businesses to record and track information related to all inbound telephone calls. It helps measure how effective a business’ marketing campaigns are regarding generating leads and increasing sales. Whether you are a small startup business or you are an established multi-million dollar company, call tracking can help you learn which of your marketing efforts are generating money, and which ones are not.

Pros of Call Tracking

Business owners should consider applying call tracking to their marketing campaigns because it can give them an in-depth assessment of all their advertising methods. Call tracking can help your business by:


  • Assessing which campaigns are working. Call tracking allows businesses assess which marketing campaigns and other business processes are working and which ones are not. It shows you how effective each marketing strategy is and it helps evaluate if your business processes are operating efficiently.


  • Providing tangible results. Unlike other advertising methods, using Fone Dynamics call tracking software, businesses can quickly pinpoint which marketing strategies and programs are generating a high return on investment or ROI. You get to see tangible results through your consumers who purchased your products or made use of your services due to the marketing campaigns you implemented.


  • Saving unnecessary marketing costs. Using call tracking, you can monitor the effectiveness of all your marketing campaigns by tracing them back to the calls your customers make. As a result, you can quickly determine which campaigns are not working. It enables you to eliminate those campaigns and save on unnecessary advertisement costs. The money you save can be used to fund campaigns that are more effective or other business operations that are integral to business growth.


  • Helping you understand your target market. Different customers have different needs. As a business owner, you need to understand each customer profile to provide them with the type of service they need. Through call tracking, you can cater to the different demands of your target market because you understand them. It enables you to respond to their needs faster.


  • Improving your customer service. With the results of call tracking, you are now aware of your business’ varied consumers. You can use the information you have to personalize your customer service to make sure that each type of customer is satisfied. You can assign experienced staff members that are knowledgeable in areas that your consumers might have questions about. As a result, your employees can tend to all customer inquiries promptly. Also, faster customer service can translate to more leads and more sales.

Cons of Call Tracking

Although minimal, call tracking also has its drawbacks that you need to consider such as:


  • Technical skills may be required. Not everyone is familiar with call tracking software. Therefore, you might need to hire someone with the skill set and technical knowledge when it comes to installing, operating, and translating the results of call tracking. It might mean additional expenses for the business.


  • Multiple phone numbers may complicate business processes. One or two phone numbers may already be confusing for some businesses, especially if several consumers are trying to make a call. That said, multiple phone numbers could complicate your business processes because of the volume of the calls and the number of staff assigned to each number.


Given the pros and cons of call tracking, you can assess whether it is ideal for your business or not. You can also consider if you have enough employees to handle voluminous calls, analyze data, and monitor the call tracking software. You should also consider if you have the budget for call tracking software. Since it may require a certain level of expertise to implement this software fully, you also need to consider hiring an employee who is knowledgeable in call tracking.

Your business may be smaller than your competitors, but you can have an advantage over them by getting to know your target market. Applying call tracking to your marketing campaigns makes it easier for you to learn which ones are generating leads and contributing to business sales.




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John is a long-time professional with over two decades of experience in analytics and communications technology. He works as the Senior Data Analyst at Fone Dynamics, a leader in call tracking, voice, and SMS communication. When John steps out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family and bike riding.

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