What can cause a furnace to stop working?

What can cause a furnace to stop working

All winter, your furnace works hard to keep you and your family warm. Whether you have a standard gas furnace or a high-efficiency furnace, it’s essential to know how your heating device or furnace works. It would help if you comprehended the crucial operations of the machine, so you may know what to do when something go wrong or if the furnace stops working.

Several factors may cause the furnace to slow down or stop working, including dirty filtration, frequent usage, and fuel supply constraints are the most widely recognized reasons when furnace could stop working. Would you like to know and understand more about the causes that prevent the furnace from working? Keep reading to discover.

  • Faulty Thermostat

After some time, the thermostat becomes decalibrated. When this occurs, the thermostat fails to signal the furnace’s turn on and off. The same thing occurs if the batteries within thermostat expire, and the electricity goes out. The defective thermostat triggers the furnace to stay longer than usual, which adds additional corrosion to the unit. Ultimately, this friction can cause the furnace to stop working. Modulate the thermostat and check its battery packs every day to keep it in the best working state.

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  • Clogged Filter

Usually, every furnace has a filter, and a little dirty filter indicates that it’s filtering the air efficiently. However, a messy filter often restricts the airflow. If we want to keep our house at our desired temperature f, but the furnace has an excessive filthy filter, it may require extra hard functionality from the side of the furnace. Like that of a defective thermostat or a dirty air filter can cause excessive and unnecessary wear – and – tear and breakdown of the furnace. To make sure this doesn’t happen, open the thermostat unit and gently clean any debris or dust that may have blocked it. If dirt is excessive, try to change your furnace filter according to some maintenance schedule or at least once in a year.

  • Poor Wiring

Poor wiring is a widely known reason for a broken or damaged furnace. Whenever you recognize any burning smell starting to come from the furnace, it’s better to shut down. The same applies if you have a gas furnace and notice a smell gas or any issue in the gas line. To secure your home from gas leakage, install a carbon monoxide detector. Keep the furnace switched off and consult with an HVAC professional. You should hand over everything related to electric or gas furnace to a professional to avoid any damage. Anyone can do other repairs, but wiring or electricity damage is quite dangerous, so stay safe and hire a professional to sort it out. 

  • Furnace Age:

Furnaces usually are designed and manipulated to work for several years, but none of them are built to run forever. If your furnace or heating unit has reached or crossed the warranty time, you may not get the heating quality you’d paid for. It may be time to upgrade your HVAC system.

Though these are some of the quite straightforward furnace problems, there have been a lot more of them. Inspecting your furnace or heating system periodically, and at least far more often as recommended by the manufacturer, may help it work better and prevent minor repairs from becoming a major one.

Are you experiencing issues with your heating equipment or your furnace is not working correctly? Do you want to enhance your home comfort and furnace efficiency but do not know how? Comment below, our experts will entertain you in all your queries.

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