4 Tips to Help Your New Driver get their First Car

Life tends to throw you a curveball from time to time, and when that happens, the best thing you can do is try for a base hit. The same can be said when it comes time for your young one to become a licensed driver. You see the curve, your teen’s birthday, coming, but it’s difficult to negotiate the intricacies that come with becoming a licensed driver for the first time. Choosing a vehicle that’s suitable for you and your young driver can be especially hard. Follow these tips to make your decision process a little easier. 

Ask Yourself and Your Teen the Tough Questions — and Answer Honestly

Before you start car shopping, you need to take a long hard look at the person your teen has become and his or her lifestyle. You should have a good idea of:

  • Your teen’s level of responsibility.
  • How the car will be used — is your teen driving to and from work or school or both?
  • How well your teen handles vehicles of different.
  • Your budget — and whether you’re paying for the car, your teen is, or you’re splitting the cost.
  • The rules you want to implement before your teen starts driving regularly.

While there are many factors that play into choosing a good first car, the primary concern for a young driver is often money. So explore your finances first. Then, with the financial concerns in the rearview mirror, you can move onto other pressing matters like choosing a vehicle make and model. 

Research Different Vehicle Makes and Models

Young drivers often look for stylish cars with a good amount of horsepower and space for their friends. It’s really unlikely that your teen’s car of choice is a practical four-door sedan or minivan. But you might be able to compromise by looking at more stylish sedans, like a Hyundai Sonata, and mid-level SUVs. 

To make the decision process easier, jot all of your teen’s wants and needs down on a piece of paper so you have a good scope of options to consider. When considering your teen’s needs, think about things like gas mileage, weather variables, and technology. 

Finding the best car for your teenager will take some time and research but it will be worth it. Ensuring that the vehicle is safe, reliable and of course cool enough will give you some peace of mind when they are on the road alone. 

Plan For Unexpected Expenses

Hopefully, you’ll never answer your phone to hear your teen tell you he or she has been involved in a car accident. But accidents do happen and it’s better to be prepared when they do. If you have full coverage car insurance, the insurance company will pay for repairs or total the car out and pay you the value of the vehicle, minus your deductible. Unfortunately, if you have a car loan, the amount of the payout might not cover the total loan balance. In that case, a loan from https://www.bluetrustloans.com/badcredit.aspx can help cover your expenses. even if you have somewhat questionable credit. This way your teen’s car gets fixed or replaced as soon as possible. 

Ultimately, being able to help your new driver get his or her first car should be a good experience if you plan in advance. Then, you’ll be able to look back on these times with fond memories instead of cringing at the thought navigating a ton the bumps in the proverbial road throughout the process.

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