How To Choose a Blogger Outreach Company


Most brands take help from agencies that offer Blogger Outreach Service as part of their digital marketing repertoire. However, not all digital agencies are adept at handling such a complicated procedure. Sometime, even after knowing the benefits, the intended results are not achieved.

We know that effective blogger outreach has many benefits, including-

  • Increase in traffic to the host website.
  • Building credibility.
  • Climbing Google’s Search Engine Rankings Page (SERPs)
  • Directly contributing to sales and increase in revenues.

However, blogger outreach can sometimes become counter-productive if not done in the right fashion. Rather than helping a brand, it can decrease the metrics of a website, or even get it de-indexed. The key is to have a correct agency guiding you at all times.

In this article, we help you choose the right Blogger Outreach service agency.

  1. Do your research about the agency-

Unlike social media marketing or website development, blogger outreach is a specialization. Not all digital agencies have the expertise to do it on their own. You need to ask the agency whether they are doing it themselves, or taking help from third part vendors.

Agencies who are experts in offering blogger outreach services that include Niche Edits and Guest Posts have a dedicated team that does the outreach. It is best if you are able to tie up with such agencies, rather than third party vendors.

  • Go through the Blogger Database of the Agency-

Yes, no agency will be willing to share a mail or excel with you regarding the same. So do not even ask them for that. If it is possible, you can physically visit the agency and casually browse through their database.

A good agency maintains a database of a few thousand publishers cutting across industries. This is the agency’s expertise. They have built this for many years in the industry.

  • Ask them for a blogger outreach strategy-

The best agencies that offer blogger outreach services will be able to take you through a one-year strategy. This will touch on all aspects of the strategy. From keywords to costs, from guest posting to link building.

It is imperative that the agency carries out all the functions that affect the eco-system of the digital horizon. If your agency does not have a corresponding link building strategy, you are not making the right decision.

  • Blogger Outreach + Great Content Creation-

Most of the times, brands and advertisers do not have the resources to create quality content. However, some of the best blogger outreach agencies have expert content creation teams. Try to look for an agency that has such a team.

This will save you from many troubles related to coordination and content creation. Again, most agencies outsource such things to a third party vendor. However, the best ones maintain an in-house team to ensure stringent quality checks.

  • Affordability-

With an agency who knows what they are doing, you will not have to break your bank. The best agencies use expert negotiation tactics with bloggers that drive the prices down. Again, this can only happen if the agency is doing the outreach manually.

An expert agency does not come cheap. However, you will always be at peace knowing that there are experts who are guiding the strategy.


Working with agencies who offer blogger outreach services will give you a competitive edge. This will be great for maximising the potential of your returns. An agency, which offers the right advice, is transparent and does 100% of the work in-house is the correct partner for your brand.

There is no doubt that blogger outreach is one of digital marketing’s most effective strategies. However, in real world, it is only effective if you have the right agency at the helm of affairs.

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