How to Clean and Maintain Encaustic Tiles

Owing to their beautiful colors and patterns, everyone wants to use encaustic tiles for their homes. Their wowing look is greatly admired by many backed up by their quality and durability.  They can be used in outdoor and indoor applications including in patios, the living room, outdoor shower rooms and so on. To maintain their elegant look, encaustic tiles need thorough cleaning on a regular basis. Frequent cleaning will be required in high traffic areas where they have been installed, both on the walls and floors.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of encaustic cement tiles are needed to keep their original look and structure. It will help a lot in giving a lasting experience, keeping them free from cracks, scratches and prevent them from fading.  Cleaning them is part of the maintenance required for encaustic cement tiles. To do it right, there are important cleaning and maintenance tips that should be followed.

Maintaining your Encaustic Tiles

Part of the maintenance needed for encaustic tiles is frequent mopping using cleaning water and a natural cleaning substance. Ensure that no liquid sits on their surface. This will help them keep looking good at all times. Spills on encaustic tiles should be cleaned and dried immediately using a clean piece of cloth to prevent permanent damage on their surface as stubborn stains stick on.

To prevent wear and tear occasioned by heavy footwear and continued use, mats can be placed at the entrance. This is more especially in high-traffic areas where more frequent cleaning will be required to maintain their appearance. You can also keep polishing them using fine grit sandpapers to get rid of any top layer forming on them. It can also be done to reveal another pigment layer beneath the surface.

Encaustic Tiles Cleaning Tips

These tiles are meant to last long and will hold on to this promise when proper care and maintenance is done on them. Encaustic cement tile floors should be swept on a daily basis to remove debris and general dirt. In light traffic areas, they should be washed on a weekly basis or even daily depending on the traffic. Otherwise, cleaning can be done every month. Cleaning materials include mild pH-neutral soap and clean water to cleanse off residue stuck on the tiles before becoming a permanent stain.

Acid-based cleaning solutions and bleaches should never be used for cleaning encaustic tiles because of the wear that they can cause on the sealer leading to damage on the tile’s surface. Detergents should also be avoided since any residue left on the tiles can become hard to clean hence attracting more debris and dirt.

Cleaning Stains from Encaustic Tiles

Things can get out of control at times and sometimes, without your knowledge stains develop on your encaustic tiles. This is especially when you fail to take notice of spills that go uncleaned for some time. Stains may come from coffee, food, wine, water sitting on tiles for a long time and sauces among other things.  Ideally, they are of different types hence their cleaning would be different. For instance, organic stains from bodily fluids, beverages and food substances will require a poultice with hydrogen peroxide. Unscented baby powder can be added to make a thick paste for removing the stain. A wet-dry 600 grit sandpaper can also be used with a lot of water to remove the stain after which mopping can be done.

Remember that different types of stains will require different cleaning solutions. Naturally occurring stains such as fungus, mold and mildew may require the same application for organic stains. However, some scrub brush may be needed or still use the same sandpaper as for organic stains. Make sure you get the right tools and materials for cleaning stains on encaustic tiles every time you want to get rid of stains on your encaustic tiles.

Final Thoughts

Encaustic tiles are good for your use and they come with a great promise of elegance, beauty and durability. However, such qualities can only be maintained with proper care and cleaning of the tiles. There is a way to do it for maintaining their original quality and color. Frequent cleaning and polishing will be necessary to give your tiles a fresh look from time to time.  

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