Choosing a winning font for your outdoor banner

Your banner may not make history, but it is important in making a lasting impact on your business. When making it you must consider a few factors that would make it prominent and ultimately lead to conversion. People are interested with quality and the easiness with which they can read it while up on the post. They don’t have time to keep staring to get a glimpse of what you’re trying to communicate. That is why it is imperative to choose the right and outstanding font for your banner.

Make it easy, clear and precise

Before choosing a font for your banner, you must bring into perspective the values of your brand or product that you’d want the banner to communicate. Here you’re limited to a short punchy text and therefore you must use the right typography to communicate the brand weight. If you choose the wrong font, you could miss a business opportunity, something that would cost your business dearly. The choice of text, the complexity of calligraphy would determine how easy or hard it would be for your prospects to read.

Consider bold and big

Your banner is competing for attention, unlike fliers, business cards or a webpage, and therefore, your font has to be big, clear and bold. The message should be noticeable from a distance so that interested passers-by can easily catch the message, appreciate and even consider it. Less is more and therefore you must ensure that the message is punchy, understandable and universal.

Limit your selection

For a perfect banner, you must use two fonts; a large bold, vibrant and eye-catching font for the body and a second one for ‘call to action’. To get the right fonts for whatever part of the banner, there are endless sources in the internet where you could learn on how to get the best of results. Avoid too much wording since it would make the banner look clumsy and unattractive.

Choose colors wisely

When you’ve done a killer font, then the next thing is to choose the colors that would be most fitting. Here, you need to consider where the banner would be hung. For a great impact, the main banner background must contrast with the surrounding environment. Then for easy reading, the text must contrast this background. The obvious contrasting color for white is black but for other more complex colors, Website Palleton is the go-to color.

The font size and spacing

As mentioned earlier in this article, your banner is competing for attention among many others. Therefore, you must seek to do it in a way that would effectively communicate the brand objective to a people whose attention span is short. For instance, you could consider small letters for faster reading and if you’d want to deviate from the standard spacing, you must have a good reason. Avoid as much as you can the use of capital letters in your flag banners and feather banners unless you want to slow the reader.

The font that you choose for your banner would determine if it would capture the attention of the passers-by. Be careful about your wording; use a short and catchy punch line.

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