IOTransfer to Make Media File Management and Synchronization Easier

Many of us never thought we would need a free iPhone manager in the beginning, but here we are. Yes, there was a time where we actually believed that we could live with a smartphone with 16 gigabyte of storage, genuinely thinking that it was more than enough. Jokes on us, the 16 gigabyte was quickly used up for all our favorite applications. Much to our annoyance, some of us did not even have a lot of application to begin with so we are not sure where did the supposedly ample storage go.

One of the biggest nightmares that people in this day and age can have perhaps flashes before their eyes the moment their smartphone bleeps and gives them a warning notification. That dreaded warning informing them of the fact that their phone is almost out of storage. This is almost always followed with the dreaded lag and crashes. Not only does the phone work slower than usual, it also tells us repeatedly to delete applications that we rarely used.

But that is exactly where the problem lies, isn’t it? We do not think we have that much of applications in the first place. The ones that we do have are considered as the essentials, simply because they are the applications we always use on a daily basis. It is not easy to get rid of them, and deciding on which one to delete is proven to be quite a challenge. So what do we have to do to free some space without having to delete the essentials?

Understanding options to counter storage issue

If you have been greeted with the notification that says your phone storage is almost full, you would know the struggle of using a smartphone that is running out of space. It’s lagging beyond believe, important updates must be postponed due to the insufficient storage, and a lot of other things that makes us want to pull our hair out in frustration. But you know what? It does not have to be that way!

It is true that this seemingly harmless issue can be incredibly problematic and make our lives difficult, but there is always a few solutions to any problem. If deleting a few of your applications is not a solution you would like to hear, there is always an alternative. Yes, you can counter this issue just by managing your phone storage. To some people, this seems overly complicated because we are not only dealing with unused applications.

When we talk about phone storage, we talk about the whole deal: the temporary files, logs, various cache and many other things that take up considerable storage space. If that sounds overly complicated to you, it does not and you will find out about it soon enough. First, let’s talk about how lucky we are to have an iPhone simply because the system automatically deletes system caches whenever it needs more space to perform.

However, you are advised to make restarting and force-restarting your device on a regular basis to prompt the system to clear the clogging cached files and to ensure smooth performance. Another thing you can do is by deleting voicemails and removing application update installers. If you don’t have the intention to update your app, simply delete the update from your Storage & iCloud Usage section. It will instantly give you a nice few extra hundred megabytes of storage.

Use IOTransfer for effortless data management

Last but not least, manage your files. We know how much we love to document the moment, all of the videos and photos taken can easily use up our storage. Not to mention, our favorite music that we listen to on a daily basis. But to sort out and actually get rid of the ones we no longer need is not an easy task. Due to the large amount of the files we have on our phone, this task can be overwhelming. Let alone if we need to have some of them transferred some place else, such as our Windows-based notebook.

Are we doomed? Simply put, no we are not. Managing our large amount of files and transferring them cross-platform do not have to be difficult. Yes, all we have to do is get ourselves one of those third-party applications to get the job done! IOTransfer is highly regarded for its incredible features that make our collective lives undoubtedly easier when it comes to file management and transfer. Yes, with this free iPhone Photo Manager, now we can sync contents with device running on different platform, transfer, manage and even delete media files and data!

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