Automated wrapping reaps rewards


Hill Country Bakery in San Antonio is one of the renowned stores for making pound cakes, coffee cakes, and crumble cakes for distribution to retail, foodservice and convenience stores. The company has three food manufacturing plants and along with this, they have a fully equipped product development lab and a 12,000 sq ft pilot plant. Not only this, but they also have a 55,000 sq ft frozen foods warehouse. All the engineers are trying to keep the quality of the product high through an environment-friendly operation. 

The company used to manually loading and wrapping its products. But, over the period of time, the business is growing and the company is looking for a packing way in which they can increase the speed and quality of packaging and also they can reduce the labour cost. Automation of wrapping operations is the only solution for them. 

After discussion, the management of the company decides to install Eagle high-speed flow wrapping machine from Delta systems and automation, INC. The no gapping/no wrap and no gap/no seal mechanisms can help you to provide various packaging structures and package dimensions and features easy wash down design. 

According to the managing partner of Hill Country Bakery they have chosen the eagle for value and the flexibility features. If they use this then it will help them to grow their product line. Additionally, he also said that some other bakery recommended them about this machine with whom they do business. One of the major areas which he pointed is that the Delta eagle is providing a one-stop-shop which is quite attractive and it helps to complete the wrapping properly. 

The company started to install the machine in the year 2016 and now they have five eagles for their manufacturing plants. There is no doubt that Delta is highly involved in these installations. They provide the necessary training sessions for their operators so that they will understand the process of handling this. Along with this, the Delta staffs were there for the start-ups for each of their product runs. The staffs were there to make sure that there will be no problem during the time of packaging. 

There are many benefits which you can get from this it is not time-consuming. That means when you are doing this package manually, then you need to give a lot of time of yours but with the help of this machine, you don’t need to spend a lot of time for this. Apart from the time management, packing material structure, gauge and suppliers are considered proprietary. None of the products is gas packed for the modified atmosphere. Additionally, it is flexible and efficient and you will get worldwide acceptance of this. 

Most of the bakery companies are willing to use this flow wrapping machine because Eagle flow wrapper is a high-speed model which is basically designed in order to be integrated into a fully automated line. It is already mentioned that the key feature of this model is that it includes a multi-axis, servo drive platform in order to provide tighter firm control and heavy-duty. Along with this, it will also provide you with plate frame construction. The flow of this wrapper is supplied with an IP65 rating as standard and it can be built with IP69 if full wash-down is required.  The advantage of using this is to make sure about the proper packaging. It will ensure the rugged performance in demanding environments like snack bars, muffins and so on. 

If you are willing to reduce the cost and manpower, then you need to buy this and you will get a good outcome from this. If you think about the process of operating this, then there is nothing to worry about. Delta staffs will be there to provide proper training so that you can handle it easily. They will inform you of the necessary things. With the help of their guidance, you can easily able to handle this. As you get to know about the Hill country bakery and how they changed their bakery business packaging with the help of this, if you want to experience the same then you need to install this.

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