Beltronics RX65 vs Escort Passport S55: Which Radar Detector Device Is Better

When it comes to the discussion about radar monitoring tools, there are two devices that always put on the top list, they are Beltronics RX65 and Escort Passport S55. Well, how the two devices are compared? Find out more about the Beltronics RX65 vs Escort Passport S55 here.

Beltronics RX65

So, which one is better between Beltronics RX65 vs Escort Passport S55? Many people say that the Beltronics RX65 is one of the leading radar detector products due to its solid features and demonstrated threat detection offered. The features will make it easier for the users to program the device based on their preference. The options of interface offered range from warning with a simple system to frequency display with high technology. The product does not only come with the three-button interface that is easy to operate, it is also completed with volume control modes to support the performance of the device.

• Design

Just like the other radar detector products mainly found at the market, the RX65 also comes with a box in small size. The clamps of the tiny box consist of two suction cups and slides that will lock the top part of the detector device. There will be an information display in the form of LED placed on one end of the detector. Meanwhile, a black plate is placed on the other end of the device that functions to receive radar signals. The small pod which is found on the radar will serve to detect radar that comes from behind. The three buttons available on the radar detector include the sensitivity, brightness, and power. You can use the sensitivity and brightness buttons as the programming buttons if you want to change the setting modes.

• Features

The Beltronics RX65 comes with various interesting features to offer to the users. Moreover, the default settings of the product utilize a simple display. The default is functioned to show the laser band or radar detected while the bar settings will show the strength of the detected signal. The sounds produced by the detected radar will automatically mute just after 5 times of beep. The voice and the display are seen on the detector will tell the users whether the radar is X, Ka, or K band. There are three detection modes the users can find in the radar detector device, they are Autoscan, City, and Highway. The Autoscan mode is used to adjust the sensitivity of the device by identifying the signal received. Meanwhile, the City mode is for lowering the sensitivity of the radar and the Highway mode is used to increase the sensitivity.

Escort Passport S55

Another leading product of the radar detector is Escort Passport S55. This device is considered to be the more affordable one if compared to the RX65. It comes with many features with good performance that people can expect from a radar monitoring device on a budget. The Passport S55 is very effective in detecting laser or radar signals. The “V-Tuned” receiver system applied can produce long-range alerts on all radar virtually. The POP mode offered by the device is also effective to help the users detect the VG-2 devices everytime they emerge within range. Meanwhile, the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is functioned to provide optimum possible range whenever you want to keep phony warning at the minimum bar.

• Auto-Sensitivity Mode

You can say the product is more than just an average radar monitoring tool due to the auto-sensitivity mode provided. The mode is created to help the users to identify the speed traps that come from various radar sources. Meanwhile, the Traffic Signal Rejection (TSR) software applied in the device is used to automatically rank, sort, and filter signal that produced by the traffic flow monitoring system. The protection system resulted in the product is accurate without any false alarms created.

• Meter Modes with High-Resolution

The device comes with the meter displays, they are Standard Graph Bar, ExpertMeter, and SpecDisplay. Each of the display has their own uniqueness and strengths that differ from one to another. In addition, this is very easy to operate the three modes. All the users need to do is just choosing the display mode that they think perfectly resonates with them. The mode will then interpret the reading automatically for the users.

• EZ Fine Tuning with Hassle-Free

Another feature to enjoy from the Passport S55 is the EZ fine tuning that is hassle-free. This will make it possible for the users to adjust the device easily. The feature also allows the customers to attune the device and match it with your speed and driving style.

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