CNC Machining Services

This china prototype company 3ERP provides a range of precision CNC machining services which includes milling, electric discharge machining, wire electrical discharge machining, turning and grinding of a surface. It provides different 3, 4 and 5 axis precisions for CNC machining centers which are combined with new and advanced capabilities of the very much experienced team of professionals who can handle the technical aspects required in making the prototypes so the one can focus on marketing the products while 3ERP focuses on the production.

It also offers the detailed information on manufacturing solutions and machining services to the customers. This procedure helps in making the prototypes with real plastic and metal so that analyzing the product and functionally testing it becomes much easier.

The advantages of 3ERP

There are three main reasons as to why this company is the best option that offer the best custom prototyping and other prototyping services.

Highly experienced; this is one of the most experienced companies for prototyping and manufacturing, what makes it the most experienced it’s the engineers working for this company who have worked on different projects and has gained deep experience and knowledge for producing the best production of complex parts for different industries.

Advanced equipment; this provides best prototyping services with the extensive in-house equipment used for both the manufacturing and the testing of prototypes. The advanced in-house equipment helps on inspection of the parts; the equipment includes the HAAS 3, 4 and 5 axes CNC millings, the hexagon CMM, and the Olympus XRF analyzer.

Fast turnaround; the turnaround offered by this company is very fast and small. On an average 3ERP is able to return the quotes within just 24 hours and ships the parts within just seven days. It is able to achieve 99% of the on-time deliveries and the quality rate is also excellent.

The major services that it offers include;

Vacuum casting, urethane casting

This is a process used for creating the duplicates of different prototypes and models. This procedure begins with the production of a piece mainly known as the master model with the CNC machining; next, the mold of silicon rubber is made with the vacuum casting that produces the duplicates of the real piece. To meet the best needs of the customers and provide the best quality the company goes through the extensive process. The prototypes produced by this procedure are best for engineering testing, the display demos and for concept proofing.

Rapid tooling and injection molding

This company also offers the best quality production of mold tooling and injection molding. For both the low volume and the high scale production they offer best quality tooling of aluminum prototypes and hardened steeling at the quickest turnaround and very competitive prices. It offers a range of choices for custom prototyping like custom colors, finishing, and plastic resins. And the delivery time they offer is also very small of fifteen days.

Surface finishing

This is a procedure performed to specifically change the surface of an already manufactured product to get the desired look. There are many different techniques available to perform in order to alter the look, rigidity, adherence, solder-ability, resistance to corrosion and conductivity. These are all the characteristics of industrial components.

Chinese Prototype company 3ERP offers the best quality of surface finishing for all the industrial components irrespective of the machining method adopted to develop it. They have some highly experienced and knowledgeable workers that work specifically for completing the assignment in order to maintain the exceptional quality of the products. If you are looking for a perfect prototype finish and want to achieve the best-manufactured components, then you must contact this company for the most accurate quotations and for the best quality of work in no time.

Aluminum and plastic extrusion

The aluminum and plastic extrusion must be performed in a most appropriate method and one should directly contact the extrusion company to get the required extrusion profile with a certain length and volume. There are many different extrusion companies available in the market, and most of these companies who work specifically for extrusion never deals in small volume production. So, it is, therefore, gets very difficult to find the right company to perform the right task. 3ERP works best for this also.

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