Backpack, Sling or Stroller? How to Choose What’s Best for You


What is the best way to transport your baby?  Choosing something that’s comfortable for you and safe for your baby is of utmost importance. 

The options in this instance are a sling, a backpack or a stroller. Here are their pros and cons.


A baby sling is a baby carrier made of fabric that wraps around the wearer’s body from his or her shoulder to the opposite hip and back up to the shoulder, creating a pocket for the baby to sit or lie down. 

Baby slings are “hands-free.” They allow your baby to be with you at all times when you are running errands or tending to chores around the house. 

The baby finds comfort in the sling environment which simulates the pressure, motion and warmth sensations they experienced before birth in the womb.

The biggest advantage of slings is that they offer young babies a relaxed position, and they are perfect for breastfeeding on the move. No need to rush to find a restroom when feeding time comes around and no need to struggle with blankets and cover-ups.

However, slings are not for every baby. Take your baby’s weight into account when you buy a sling. Different slings will fit different sizes of babies better.

Slings are not meant to be worn over long periods of time. Any type of baby sling has its own share of strain involved. There’s no point in having a baby carrier that leaves you tired and uncomfortable. 


Backpacks are great for a number of reasons.

  • They let you take your baby pretty much anywhere, without having to worry if there is pavement for a stroller, staircases to have to deal with and such.
  • They provide more physical closeness with your baby; such as making the baby feel safer.
  • They keep the baby elevated and out of reach of pets and other small children, or even people that might stumble across a stroller.
  • They keep your hands free to do other tasks, be it around the house or shopping
  • They take up less space than a stroller when not in use too.
  • They are also cheaper than strollers and the likes, for the most part.

On the downside, backpacks may not look particularly appealing on some women, and there’s no point in using something you don’t enjoy wearing.

Also, you are in danger of getting a vomit or two down the back of the neck on occasion.

Borrow a friend’s backpack, and try it around the house for size for a few hours to see if it’s for you. Make sure backpacks fit properly as they can leave you with a sore back if not fitted correctly.


With a pram or stroller, you are not carrying the weight of baby, unlike when you use a backpack or sling. Thus avoiding putting extra strain on your body.

When using a high-quality children’s stroller or pram, the baby is comfortable lying or sitting and this often enables your baby to drift off to sleep more comfortably. You also have peace of mind knowing they are securely fastened in the pram.

You can be confident about leaving them sleeping in the pram when you are at home and are then able to get on with other things more freely while bub sleeps.

Also, a baby in a sling could mean you are at risk of little accidents like vomit. Not so with strollers. The only thing to get dirty might be the blankets baby is lying on, not you.

One of the downsides of pushing a pram is that you will have your hands full all the time. This may be especially tricky when juggling a pram while also walking with a toddler. 

Whatever type of baby moving equipment you plan to use there are pros and cons for all. You have to find the one, or a combination of some, that best suits your needs.

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