Creative and Useful Types of Signage Available in ShieldCo Art

Years before, establishing a business in the industry is quite tricky only if the business owner does not have enough foundation of financial in founding a good one.  However, in this recent decade, it is no longer the money capital that makes it challenging to raise one because building a business is not that hard already.  What makes it difficult this time is about sustaining the image projected of the company towards the many audiences?  How can a business be resilient in the rise of competition from one business store to another?

Using well-planned signage is the best choice. With the benefits that it could offer towards the business, it is no doubt that many big companies even smaller ones jive into this marketing strategy tool. Common advantages whenever a business uses this are: draw attention, cost-effective, serves as advertisement or promotion, long-lasting, versatile, and lastly, increases profit sale. With these benefits, the effectiveness of the signage as a marketing tool is not questionable. 

And to give you, as a business owner or marketing manager, more options to choose from for the business’s marketing tool especially in turning your business logo into a piece of art, these are the creative and useful types of signage which are available in ShieldCo Art.

Custom Business Signage

Custom Business Signage is the primary signage that builds your brand.  Many companies come into the ShieldCo Art to produce a well-rounded custom business signage.  The craftsmanship served by ShieldCo Art has helped many companies to compete in the market through the creative signage it provides.  There are many options given for business owners to choose from.  Vividly, whichever business signage you will be picking it is guaranteed that it is 100% excellent. 

It is commonly used for logos that need to be commercialized in public.  It can be showcased through 3D Custom Metal, Negative Cut-out (1 layer), Negative Cut-out with Back Panel (2 Layers), 3D, Layered Sign, With Backer (Multiple Layers), Individual Lettering (Usually 1 Layer), Individual Lettering Plus 3D Logo (Multiple Layers). Each of these is different in terms of physical appearance; however, whichever you will be choosing, it could be best for the business logo.

Commonly, companies choose this type of signage for their logo which will be displayed outside their store or building.  There are other companies also that use this for both outsides and inside their establishment.  It is best for commercial purpose as signage.

Custom Lighting

It is where your sign will be brought to life with the lights that are within the sign.  It gives a little extra towards your sign.  There are available options.  It can be through internal or external custom lighting. Whichever will be choosing, it surely adds exceptional visual impact to any sign.  Within this lighting, LEDs will be used to illuminate a sign for several reasons: customization options, longevity, efficiency, and above all else, safety.  It is true to the signs mounted especially in the internal lighting. 

For the external lighting, it is commonly chosen depending on the situation. The use of this lighting is to highlight parts of your business logo a little bit different. Usually, this is prominent for its mounted signs or walls that do not have an electric outlet nearby.  The use of custom lighting is high-end.  Since the start of integrating custom lighting towards business occurs, it has earned a high reputation towards business companies who have commonly used it.

Custom Artistic Signs

It is different from the other signs because this focuses on the wall art that goes beyond a canvass.  This custom artistic sign allows creating anything from cityscapes to become modern art installations.  The creative signs can give an excellent piece of art to your store wall especially for its interior design.  It adds visual aesthetic to space you have decided to place it into.  Commonly, this is mounted in the interiors of the building or the business store itself. 

The artistic sign you can mount depends on the concept of the business you have.  It could also be depending on the styles you wanted to display for the audience’s eyes.  You may choose from prominent cityscapes or your expression of art.  This comes from metal, so rest assured that it is durable and long-lasting still.


Competing in the industry is tight especially since there are many marketing tools as platforms for spreading the entity of the business.  The most challenging struggle of every company is how to sustain the industry amidst the number of competitors in the market.  With the help of these signages, it indicates your business presence at the time drawing out the interest of many people.  You may choose from the varieties of options from those as mentioned earlier available in ShieldCo Art.

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