A Complete Guide To Aerial Lift Certification

Aerial Lift Certification

Safety is one thing that every employer should take into consideration for their employees while working at construction sites.

Unfortunately, most fatalities and injuries happen every year, either because of operator error while performing aerial lifts or avoiding work site safety precautions.

Lacking in skills while driving heavy equipment lead to injuries and machinery damages, this in turn may result in a severe loss and bad reputation of your organization.

These are giving enough reasons to gain aerial lift training that is not only convenient, but also give you the right skill set to operate a lift safely.

Now, if you are struggling with the dilemmas whether or not acquire the training, we are here to provide you in-depth information and clear most misconceptions.

Why Do You Need Aerial Lift Training To Work At Job Sites Safely?

First of all, it is important for you to know that it’s involuntarily; it is mandated by law, instead. As per new ANSI standards 2019, owners, employers and operators must be in compliance that should contain aerial lift training, whether they are running a small or large business. An operator with proper training skills should be permitted to work on aerial lift platforms.

While unskilled operators are one of the major reasons causing injuries and damages, a skilled operator will help with:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Better engagement with your co-workers
  • Higher quality products
  • comfortable work environment
  • Reduced turnover
  • More productive use of human resources
  • Reduced injuries and equipment damages
  • Handle emergency situations without panicking

Does My Aerial Lift Training Ever Expire?

According to ANSI A92.24 standards, an operator must be familiar with the every old or new pieces of equipment. However, an operator may require to get retrained depending upon performance and evaluation. Certain situations that call for retraining may include:

  • If the operator is noticed to operate the lift in an improper manner.
  • If the operator is observed getting involved in accidents or near-miss error.
  • If the operator is not comfortable working with new equipment.
  • If the operator receives an evaluation by his supervisor that reveals he is not operating the lift safely.

Is It Necessary To Show My Certificate Whenever I Operate An Aerial Lift?

Different work sites may have their specific requirements. However, your certification must contain some necessary information like name of the entity, name of trainer, types of equipment that covered under training, name of trainee, training duration, etc.

What’s Included?

It provides you everything you should know while operating different aerial lifts at different work sites. You will learn how to perform standard maintenance, take control, inspect different models, and other various tasks. Further, you will learn how to avoid threats that may lead to fatalities and injuries.

It also includes a special training course that will allow you and more experienced operators to provide training to other employees.

Other tasks that may include under aerial lift training are:

  • Operating aerial lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, and cherry pickers.
  • Navigate different types of work environments
  • Perform daily inspection of equipment
  • handling hazardous situations
  • Prevent accidents
  • Gain the training skills to provide training to others
  • How to protect yourself using lanyards and body harnesses


Aerial lift certification is conducted by OSHA experts who have years of experience in this industry. Some training source even offers group training, or self-paced training to make the whole learning environment more convenient for you.

This flexibility simply gives another strong reason to become certified, whether working in a small or large company!

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