Why You Should Never Buy Used Tires


ou may not know this, but motorists could be putting their lives at risk every time they choose to purchase used car tires. The Local Government Association (LGA) says despite the danger part-worn tires are being sold even though there is clear evidence that they have serious safety defects. These tires are especially dangerous since there is no way to verify that any repairs done on them are safe and there is no correct labeling that’ll allow authorities to track the tire’s origins. 

For these reasons, The Plate Man Number Plates Company has urged motorists in England and Wales who choose to buy second-hand tires to check that the tired are in good condition and that they have the required “part-worn” marking. 

Tire Defects Have Been Known to Contribute to Road Deaths 

To make matters worse, the Department of Transport says that 17 people were killed and 147 others injured in 2017 in accidents where the condition of the tire on the vehicle was a major factor. This is a problem that may escalate since an investigation carried out by more than 10 councils across Yorkshire and Humber found that more than half of all second-hand tires examined were unsafe. 

Similar investigations in London Borough of Barking and Dagenham resulted in prosecutions where a tire business and its director were ordered to pay £2,712 foe selling second hand tires that were found to be unsafe. The tires in this case were fund to have exposed cords due to too much wear and tear, a factor that can make it difficult for a driver to accelerate, steer or brake safely.  

Cheap Used Tires May Be Illegal and Unsafe 

Responding to this particular case, the chairman of the LGA’s Safer and Stronger Communities Board, Simon Blackburn said, “Dangerous part-worn tire are putting motorist’s lives at risk” and that they represent a blatant and “inexcusable” breaches of the law are happening with “shocking” prevalence. 

He also notes that since used tires can be cheap, motorists are often tempted to buy them and many are unaware that they need to have the correct legal markings. This means that some motorists are using illegal tires that could very likely cause a major accident. 

It is therefore important for motorists to be sensitized on what to look for when buying used car tires. To begin with, check if the tire has “part-worn” stamped on it. If it doesn’t, it is likely an illegal tire and one that could be dangerous on the road. You should also check for any cracks, tears and lumps on the tire and look at the condition of the tread before purchasing. 

There are thousands of breakdown cases where the main culprit is often a tire that is too worn out. Along with ensuring you buy new or legal used tires, you may also want to check the pressure on your tires at least once a fortnight and before any long journeys.

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