Downlight vs. Track Light for Your New Home Lighting Plan

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High-quality indoor lighting is important when it comes to preventing tired eyes and enhancing your mood. Indoor lighting is often used to foil the atmosphere in home decoration, and downlight & track light are the two most common light fixtures. However, most people can’t tell the difference between downlight and track light clearly. Once installed wrong, not only regret, but also waste energy and money. So cut the crap, let OBALS gives you an insight into downlight and track light now.


Downlight, also called recessed light, isusually installed in a circle around the ceiling of the living room. The most prominentcharacteristic is that it can maintain the unity of interior decoration,without occupying redundant space to add soft and romantic feeling to the whole design.

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Track Light

Track light, usually a bar shape, is often usedfor key lighting to illuminate objects that need to be highlighted, like thecommodity, decorative picture, handicraft, etc. Generally, the volume of tracklight is smaller than the downlight.

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Downlight vs. Track Light

  • The Light Source

  Usually, downlight is installed energy-saving lamp or incandescent lamp. When installing energy-saving lamp is white light, and installing incandescent lamp is the yellow light, but downlight’s illuminant direction is fixed. Track light uses quartz bulb or LED bead as the light source, and relative to downlight, the direction of the track light can be adjusted at will.

  • Application

  Downlight is used at domestic auxiliary illumination or general illumination commonly, and the light is downy and comfortable. When decorating downlight, you need to consider the interval and uniformity. Track light is generally used to emphasize a specific object, which can make the object more texture, used in commercial stores or exhibition areas.

  • Light Effect

   All the light of downlight is to project downward, belong to direct deserve light, and the light can increase warm feeling, but its lighting effect cannot change. However, track light is different, which is typical non-dominant lights. In short, it is modern lighting of indefinite scale. If you combine a row of track lights, they can make the light becomes different and pleasing design. As it can transform angel freely, track light has the various radial effect.

  • Price

  Regarding the price, the difference between downlight and track light is also apparent. Below the same circumstance, the cost of the same grade and quality track light may be higher than downlight.

OBALS Super Summary Tips


  1. Advantages
  • Compact and High Luminous Flux

   Energy saving downlight uses 1/5 as much power as incandescent bulbs and last six times longer, creating brighter space.

  • Two kinds of Reflector Plates with Mirror or Frosted Glass

   One is the mirror reflector that brings scintillation feeling, another is the frosted glass reflector that will mediate ceiling with moderate brightness.

  • Adopt the Sliding Fixed Card, Convenient for Construction

The downlight can be installed in 3mm to 25mmdifferent thickness of the ceiling and can be very convenient to remove thelamp when maintaining.

(OBALS High-quality Downlight)

  • Various Color Temperature

   Energy saving lamp has the diversecolor temperature, commonly the three types, 6400K (white light), 4000K(neutral light), 2700K (yellow light). These three types can create a differentatmosphere, suitable for special customization.

(OBALS High-quality Downlight)

  • Suitable for Low cost

   It’s easy to install and does not occupy excessive space with generous and durable characteristic, usually used more than five years. At the same time, the style is not easy to out of fashion with low price.

  1. Shortcoming

The main problem of downlight is in the lamp mouth, some inferior downlight is not resistant to high temperature, easy to deformation, so resulting in the bulb can’t no be screw down. In addition, the disadvantage of downlight is that if one or two light points are damaged, you have to buy the new one instead of fixing it.

Track light

  1. Advantages
  • Save Electricity

   Track light’s reflective cover has a powerful refraction function, and the power about 10 watts can project strong light.

  • Condensed Light

   The light iscentered, which can highlight or emphasize some object or space vividly.

(OBALS LED Track Light)

  • Easeful

   Track light’s color is close to natural light and reflects light on the wall without dazzling.

  • Diversity

   You can use small bulbs to create different projection effects.

  1. Shortcoming

  Although the wattage is small, the bulb can accumulate a lot of heat, which can produce high temperature inside the short time without professional installation.

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