Review Of The Different Graphing Calculators

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A graphing calculator is a pocket calculator, able to represent graphs, solve systems of equations or perform tasks with variables. It can solve matrix systems and determinants, derivatives, integrals; besides second, third and fourth-degree equations. It has a series of features, which from no studies we will show you

Characteristics of a graphics calculator:

A graphics calculator has the following characteristics:

  • A basic programming language, but it can be programmed.
  • They have a built-in microprocessor.
  • The operating system is upgradeable.
  • Realization of graphics in three dimensions.
  • Pre-installed spreadsheet
  • Alphanumeric keyboard, executing each key up to three functions.
  • It is useful in the areas of science and engineering.
  • The color screen of some models.
  • Connection with the PC of some models.
  • Use of memory cards to store programs.
  • Natural visualization in recent models.
  • Some models have accessories that increase their applications, like sensors that allow data collection and the possibility of connection to a projector.

What is the best graphic calculator?

To choose the ideal graphing calculator from the best graphing calculators, you have to be clear about the use that you are going to give it, the kind of problems or equations that you are going to face, the features you need, such as color screen, rechargeable batteries, cases, and protective housings and more.

But do not worry, we have prepared a comparative list with the 3 best graphing calculators on the market that can meet the needs of virtually any student and many teachers and professionals. If you are buying calculator and need more reviews then checkout the graphingcalchub this place provides you the too many graphing calculator’s reviews.

HP Prime Graphing Calculator

A new graphics calculator with an ergonomic multitouch color screen, powerful applications for the calculation and tracking of mathematical functions, fine and elegant design, wireless connectivity, long-lasting rechargeable battery, and many other amazing features. We present the HP Prime!

Here you will discover the features, advantages and the best prices of this incredible model of the prestigious Hewlett-Packard brand.

Main features of the HP Prime:

Among the most striking features of this spectacular the portable calculator we can mention:

  • Multi-touch color screen
  • Screen size: 3.5 inches diagonally
  • Screen resolution:  320 x 240 pixels; 114 PPP; 16 bit color
  • 400 MHz ARM9 processor
  • 32 MB DDR standard memory and 256 MB flash memory
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Input notations: RPN, Algebraic and textbook
  • Import and use of images
  • Connectivity with computers via USB or wirelessly

TI-89 Graphing Calculator:

Texas TI-89 is the best graphing calculator and it comes with the 3D graphics and also with the advanced functionality. In TI-89 graphing calculator, there is a function named as CAS and this function allows you to perform symbolic and standard calculations. This graphing calculator provides you the cable support and also comes with the 16 graphical calculator applications.


  • This graphing calculator is mostly used for the practice of exams, PSAT, AP, SAT This calculator has the 100 x 160-pixel screen and provide you the 188KB of Ram and 2.7MB of ROM memory
  • It provides the cable support that is connection cable unit to the USB unit.

Graph functions, parametric/polar equations, recursively defined sequences and more

Texas Instrument N-Spire Calculator

This calculator stands out as the most sought after among users. Maybe it’s because of its good 3.2-inch color LCD screen that allows better visualization of graphs and equations.

It has 128KB RAM memory and 100 MB internal memory, which makes it a very fast and functional calculator. That ability allows you to use images and superimpose graphics elements.

An interesting fact is that it includes a fairly comfortable a function that facilitates the use and navigation of this equipment, as is the touchpad works like a computer mouse.

If you are looking for a complete model, which can work with geometry and even make animations, but it is still affordable, this equipment is ideal for you.

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