Extended Luxury: 10 Essential Tips for Luxury Car and Performance Car Care

10 Essential Tips for Luxury Car and Performance Car Care

When you invest in a performance or luxury car, you want to maintain it for as long as possible. Here are 10 essential tips for luxury and performance car care.

That beautiful luxury dream car you bought can be a real status symbol.

It can also become a piece of junk without quality care.

What does it take to give performance car care where it counts? How do you keep your luxury car in top condition?

We’ll give you some quick and easy tips to keep your dream car living up to the dream.

The Tips for Performance Car Care

Giving your luxury car the quality care it deserves requires a bit of knowledge and being comfortable with a bit of elbow grease. We have the knowledge to give, but you need to put in the time.

These tips deal with the mechanics of car care. This is beyond washing and waxing the car. Read on ahead to get into the details of it all. 

1. Keeping it Covered

Protecting your car from getting damaged in the first place is always a solid first step. Weather can be a massive hazard by itself. When nearby trees and debris start to get thrown around, it gets even worse.

If you have a complete garage, that is the best option. Keep it sealed and secure and your car will have a good leg up on wear and tear.

For those who do not have access to a garage, there are other options. There are a large variety of carports that you can install on your property for a decent price. These will shield your car without the investment of an addition to your house.

If you want to know more about carport options, here is more information.

2. Keep the Fluids Regular

A car runs best when all the fluids it requires are running nice and clean. Checking on these can be simple. 

The oil is one of the major ones. With the engine off, remove the oil dipstick, clean it off, and replace it. Now remove it again and see if the oil is at solid levels. There will be recommended levels marked on the dipstick.

Other fluids like power steering and transmission fluids are necessary, but won’t need as much regular attention.

When in doubt, a quick oil change and checkup can prevent a lot of problems. Better to do it and not need it, than need it when you can’t do it.

3. Proper Tire Maintenance

Tires are both one of the most vital parts of the car and the easiest to care for.

Checking your tire pressure routinely will make sure that they don’t run ragged. Driving on low-pressure tires can wear on both the tires and the car rims. 

Most luxury cars have a digital reader of tire pressure to help remind you when they are running low. 

Getting your tires aligned and rotated at every checkup is also a very wise move to keep things from getting worse.

4. Safer Driving Procedure

When you drive safe on the road, your car is safe. 

It isn’t a hard concept, but being extra careful with your luxury car goes a long way. It only takes a single moment of complacency to get into a very nasty accident. 

This also applies to the details. If you keep slamming on the brakes, they will wear down faster. If you make sharp turns and quick starts, the car will get worn down. 

5. Windshields and Wipers

This has a double effect. 

Keeping the windshield clean not only keeps your car looking nice, but it also cuts down on potential accidents. Maintaining the windshield wipers before it rains will help avoid those nasty weather moments that can lead to an accident.

If the windshield does get damaged, get it fixed as soon as possible. The longer it goes, the more potential for future damage.

6. Battery Life

Look over your battery with a routine checkup. Look for mineral build up and leaks.

Often, your battery will be fine, but even the beginnings of exterior damage can lead to disastrous results. A sudden shut down on the side of the road is never a pretty picture.

7. Understanding the Problem Indicators

The majority of problems with your car have clear signs and warnings attached to them. You can determine the problem just from the light up indicators on your dashboard.

Take every light up as a serious matter. Even if it ends up being a computer generated a false alarm, checking it is better than the alternative of engine failure or worse.

Each symbol means something, so be mindful of what your car is telling you. Read your manual if you are unsure.

8. Belts and Plugs

Both your spark plug and your serpentine belts are the unseen heroes of your car. Over time, they will wear and give out. 

Spark plugs usually last 30,000 miles, though it may vary. If your car feels inefficient, check the spark plug for buildup or damage.

Your belts are an even bigger issue. If one of them snaps while driving, it can cascade and damage any number of other parts of the car. Check your belts for wear and prepare to replace them around the 60,000-mile marker.

9. Filters and Intakes

This also applies to a variety of systems in your car. 

Cooling, heating, and air intake are all systems that can clog up with gunk if you’re not careful. By design, they deal with high pressure and lots of intense circulation, so they are high risk for clogs and damage.

Checking these can be as simple as keeping an eye on the systems they connect to. A change in performance can be the start of a problem. Don’t let it become one!

10. Preparedness in a Moment’s Notice

The final and perhaps most important tip is being prepared. 

It seems easy, but something as easy as keeping supplies in the trunk can go a long way towards making a bad situation much better. Tools to fix a flat tire are the common ones. Supplies in case of a breakdown can be another. 

Never be stuck in a situation that you could fix by having the right items with you.

Maintaining Your Place on the Road

Making sure your luxury car stays the pinnacle of luxury is a full-time task. You will need to take these tips for performance car care to heart.

Keeping your car in shape is the beginning. Eager to stay up to date on all the news and ideas for your car? Keep up with our latest news today!

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